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Why Partners With Woxu?

The global location-based services market has entered the fast lane with unlimited business opportunities. According to media forecasts, the UWB location-based services market will exceed $2.7 billion in 2025.

Through product innovation and strong technical capabilities, coupled with the integration of project cases, truly empowering enterprises to build intelligent productivity.

Professional pre-sales technical team, POC support for customer scenarios, and regular communication and training.

We have a global support team that provides you with exceptional technical and marketing support to ensure your success.

Join Our "X Partner" Program


Cooperation project consultation


Partner type selection


Field investigation and communication


Signing cooperation agreement

Channel Partners

Utilize their own channels and customer resources to jointly develop and promote the market to achieve more business opportunities.

Technology Connection Partner

Innovative linking of multiple technologies ( RFID),co-development of new product services and work together to drive your customer's success.

System Integration Partner

Embed our technology into your application,jointly creating integrated solutions with innovative value.

Application Development Partner

Provide a powerful API interface to drive business applications using big data to achieve refined operations.

If you are interested in joining our Partner Program- Let's talk!

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