2022 IOTE grand opening, Woxu Wireless won three awards of "IOT Star"

On November 15, the "2022 China IOTE Industry Leader Summit" with the theme of "IOTE, Nirvana" came to a successful conclusion in Hall 17 of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall). 2021 IOT Star of the Year" award ceremony was one of the important parts of the conference and received a lot of attention from the industry. Among hundreds of companies, Woxu won the "Most Influential IoT Positioning Enterprise Award", "Best Intelligent Industrial Application Solution Award" and "Most Valuable Investment Enterprise Award "three awards. As the authoritative industry summit in China's IoT field with high specifications, gold content and influence, these awards also fully affirm the solid achievements made by Woxu Wireless in the industry.

About IOT Star

The annual IOT Star Awards has become one of the yardsticks for measuring IOT companies. The event started in 2008 and is organised by the China IOT Industry Application Alliance and Shenzhen IOT Industry Association, and hosted by IOT Media. After 13 years of development and precipitation, IOT Star has developed into a grand and influential purely public service award event in China's IOT industry, whose authority and objectivity are highly evaluated and generally recognized by the industry, and is known as the Oscar of China's IOT industry.

Positioning technology has always been one of the key areas of focus for the IoT industry, and with the continuous release of B- and C-side market demand, the scale of the industry is continuing to climb. Woxu Wireless has pushed its 10+ years of location digitization service capabilities into four major areas: industrial manufacturing, power and energy, mining, and warehousing and logistics, providing location awareness of people, vehicles, objects and materials based on different working conditions scenarios, making safety and efficiency improvements clearly visible. With its hardcore technology, innovative solutions and outstanding contributions, Woxu won three awards in a row and has been the most influential IoT positioning company for three consecutive years, further establishing Woxu's leading position in the field of location-based IoT. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the industry experts for their recognition and affirmation.

With the introduction of the 14th Five-Year Plan, high-precision positioning technology has become one of the most important tools to further promote the digital transformation of industrial manufacturing. Woxu Wireless has developed innovative applications of 5G+UWB in the industrial field to promote the digital transformation of enterprises by integrating the advanced high-precision positioning technology with the scenario from the actual needs of enterprises. The "Best Intelligent Industrial Application Solution Award" is a recognition of Woxu's achievements in independent innovation and industry applications.

5G+UWB high-precision positioning is disruptive to the digital transformation of industry, not only as an innovation in underlying technology, but also as a change in the safety of industrial production. The innovative solution provided by Woxu Wireless uses 5G as a transmission channel for UWB data, based on accurate location data to achieve real-time positioning of personnel, combined with 3D platforms, video surveillance, access control and other systems into various aspects of safety production in smart factories, providing efficient, stable and real-time accurate location applications and services for factory safety production and effectively improving safety management.

At present, Woxu's location-based digital solutions are widely used by P&G, Bosch, Bosch Rexroth, Conch Cement, Baowu Group, Unilever, Midea, Yutong Bus, FAW-Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan, SF, Jingdong, DHL, CaiNiao,the five major power generation groups, State Grid, Southern Power Grid, China Railway Construction, China Railway, China Jiaotong Construction and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and have accumulated rich digital We have accumulated rich experience in digital transformation implementation and benchmark projects, and have been widely recognized by authoritative organizations and customers in the industry.

In the future, Woxu Wireless will actively play the role model power, through technology empowerment, collaborative linkage, promote the demonstration of location IoT in various industries and contribute to the development of the industry.