Woxu Wireless was invited to participate in the 2023 Smart Power Plant Forum

The 2023 Smart Power Plant Forum, directed by North China Electric Power University, was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province from April 25th to 26th. The conference brought together the great experts from power generation groups, power research institutes, digital intelligence companies and other fields to share the scientific and technological innovations in the frontier of power from multiple perspectives and to discuss the opportunities and challenges of power development in the context of global energy revolution.

As a pioneer and deep cultivator of intelligent safety control of electric power personnel, Nanjing Woxu Wireless Technology Co. As one of the pioneers of personnel positioning system, Woxu Wireless has pioneered the application of personnel positioning system in smart power plants based on UWB ultra-wideband positioning technology. However, along with the continuous development of smart power plants, UWB personnel positioning system is facing more challenges, and in some power scenarios, a single positioning technology can no longer meet the demand, which also gives rise to the integration of various technologies.

In the technology layer, Woxu Wireless has created a core of UWB location data, and the integration and innovation of BeiDou/GPS, BLE, 5G, Wi-Fi and other technologies to realize the interconnection and interoperability of location data. In the business layer, the accurate location data linked with 3D modeling, video monitoring, face recognition, two-ticket management and other systems are integrated into various aspects of safety management of smart power plants to effectively improve safety operation and maintenance management. At present, Woxu Wireless's power intelligent safety personnel control system has accumulated a lot of practical cases and experience in the power industry, and successfully covered a variety of scenarios such as thermal power plants, hydropower stations, substations and wind farms. The service targets include Datang, Huadian, National Energy, Guodian, State Grid, South Grid, CEC, Jingneng and other power groups, which continue to empower power safety operation and maintenance and help the digital transformation of enterprises.

Smart Power Plant Industry Insight White Paper

On the opening day of the main forum, the "2022 Smart Power Plant Industry Insight White Paper" was released at the same time. The book is directed by North China Electric Power University (NCEPU), the Technology Transfer and Transformation Center of NCEPU, Zhongguancun Huadian Energy and Power Industry Alliance, and other companies in the whole chain of digital intelligence, including Woxu Wireless. This is the fourth volume of the series, covering the development overview, market trends, technology applications, innovation models and other aspects of smart power plants, and has become a white paper with authoritative credibility and industry influence.

As the exclusive representative of the intelligent safety personnel safety control section, Woxu Wireless was invited to edit the personnel safety control section to explain the UWB positioning technology-based power personnel safety management solution and its innovative applications, providing guidelines for the smart construction of power enterprises.

In the future, with the strong support of national policies, Woxu Wireless will also follow the trend of the digital era, plow deeper and deeper in the field of location digitization, constantly update and iterate our products, provide more valuable solutions for users and industries, promote the transformation and upgrade of electricity to safety, efficiency and intelligence, and bring sustainable social value.