Woxu was invited to participate in the 21st China Manufacturing MES Application Spring Forum

e-works held the "21st China Manufacturing MES Application Spring Forum" on March 29, 2023 at Crowne Plaza Yincheng Hotel in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The theme of this spring forum is from manufacturing execution to manufacturing operation.

Smart manufacturing has always been the core strategy of building a strong manufacturing country in China, and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is one of the core technologies of smart manufacturing. The application of MES technology can collect and analyze the production status, equipment status, energy consumption, production quality, material consumption and other information in real time, carry out efficient scheduling and reasonable scheduling, improve equipment utilization, improve product quality, achieve production traceability, loading error prevention, improve production efficiency, so as to realize the intelligence of the workshop, therefore, in recent years, many manufacturing enterprises have implemented MES system, and Therefore, in recent years, many manufacturing companies have implemented MES systems and achieved good results.

This forum not only introduced the application trend of MES and MOM, various MES/MOM solutions, but also shared the experience of MES/MOM application in manufacturing enterprises, which is conducive to promoting the refinement of manufacturing operation management and the correct implementation and successful application of MES system. As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and application of location digitization, Wuxu Communication has been plowing in the field of industrial intelligence for more than ten years, providing enterprises with centimeter-level high-precision positioning management solutions for smart factories with the core of international advanced UWB technology. We have mature application cases in both process-oriented manufacturing enterprises and discrete manufacturing enterprises.

Process-oriented manufacturing typical case: Overseas case|UWB location service application in U.S. steel plant

Typical case of discrete manufacturing: Smart Factory - Optimization of the positioning process of Yutong's in-production vehicles

Up to now, Woxu Wireless has provided safe, reliable, differentiated and personalized solutions for many industries such as electronics manufacturing, mining and extraction, steel and metallurgy, ports, and electric power, etc. Nearly a thousand cases have been implemented nationwide, enabling the development of digital transformation of enterprises.

In the future, Woxu will continue to uphold the development concept of "creating value for customers and contributing to society", actively explore different application scenarios of digital transformation of intelligent manufacturing, and strive to become a pioneer of intelligent manufacturing technology innovation, a provider of intelligent manufacturing solutions, and a reliable enabler of digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises. Empowering intelligent manufacturing, promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, and making greater contribution to the realization of Made in China 2025 and building a strong manufacturing country.