Awarded as a benchmark|Yangtze River Delta enterprises digital innovation excellent case list was released, Woxu Wireless was honored to be on the list!

On June 8, 2023 Transparent Business Global Ecological Conference and the first National Transparent Factory Innovation Forum was held in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou. This conference is the first time in the world to discuss and spread the new concept and model of "transparent business", to exchange and promote the new technology and practice of "transparent factory", and to guide and promote the new market and culture of "transparent consumption". New market and new culture.

At the conference, a white paper on "Transparent Factory" and the Transparent Brand Index were released, best practices of transparent factories were shared, and the Yangtze River Delta Transparent Business Innovation Alliance was inaugurated, a transparent performance product platform was released, and cooperation and exchange on transparent business was organized.

As a member of the Yangtze River Delta Transparent Business eco-industry chain, Woxu Wireless attended the event to share and discuss relevant topics with domestic experts in the field. During this forum event, the TOP20 digital benchmarking cases of enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta 2022 were also awarded. The "2022 Yangtze River Delta Enterprise Digital Innovation Cases" selection campaign, carried out by the Jiangsu Digital Economy Federation, is to continuously discover and select outstanding cases of new models, services and products created by enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta in digital transformation, and to promote sustainable and leapfrogging development of the Yangtze River Delta digital economy in the new era.

This case collection and selection activity has implemented the overall deployment of "accelerating digital development" and "promoting industrial digital transformation" in the "14th Five-Year Plan". After extensive collection, data review and expert evaluation, 20 digital innovation benchmark cases were selected from hundreds of cases to provide reference for digital transformation and innovation in various industries. Among them, Woxu Wireless's "5G+UWB Smart Metallurgy Application Solution" won the "2022 Yangtze River Delta Enterprise Digital Innovation Benchmark Case".

5G+UWB Smart Metallurgy Application

In the era of Internet of Everything, more and more technologies are being integrated together, bringing infinite possibilities for application innovation, and the integration of UWB technology, a popular indoor positioning technology, with 5G not only provides accurate location services for the industry, but also utilizes 5G's high speed, low latency, large connection and high security features as a bridge for UWB data transmission.

The Jiangsu Yonggang converter project, which was awarded the 2022 Yangtze River Delta Enterprise Digital Innovation Benchmark, combines the latest IoT UWB positioning technology and 5G communication technology, using 5G network as the transmission medium for UWB positioning technology, deploying 8 5G macro stations, 16 5G CPE and one set of MEC private deployment within the plant to achieve full coverage of the 5G network within the plant. A total of 335 UWB positioning anchors are deployed in the raw material pretreatment workshop, raw material workshop, direct reduction workshop of rotary bottom furnace, waste heat boiler workshop and finished product workshop, etc. Each worker wears a personnel positioning tag. The location can be visible and controllable.

As the first 5G+UWB steel plant safety management construction project in China, the 5G+UWB dual network integrated management solution introduced in this project guarantees the security of network transmission of Jiangsu Yonggang Group and effectively reduces network latency and costs. At the same time, the high-precision personnel positioning management system provides comprehensive and detailed visual management for the construction of the digital workshop of the converter, graphic display, control of key areas, data interoperability and interaction, etc. to provide visual data services for the daily production, scheduling, control and safety operations of the converter, adding an "intelligent insurance" for the digital workshop of the converter of Yonggang. ", truly realize the intelligent, data-oriented and informationized plant, create a model of intelligent manufacturing in the steel industry, and lead the intelligent transformation of steel.

Digitization and intelligence have become the basic features and inevitable development trend of the digital economy era. In this context, the field of intelligent metallurgy continues to deepen, and its intelligence has become another powerful symbol of the digital transformation of the industrial scene. Woxu Wireless will continue to deepen the development of scene digitization and work together with more enterprises in different scenarios with rich experience to contribute more innovative digital solutions to promote the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta with higher quality.