Collaborative Development | Woxu Was Invited To The AsiaInfo Conference To Explore The Digital Intelligence Transformation Of Mining Business

Representatives from nearly 40 partner organizations from smart mines, industrial internet, autonomous driving, robotics and other fields gathered in Beijing on June 6 to exchange views on 5G cloud network convergence and smart mine ecological cooperation.

In recent years, as the country attaches great importance to and supports the mining industry, the construction of intelligent mines is advancing at a very fast pace. At the conference, AsiaInfo released the "New Generation 5G Cloud-Network Convergence Solution" and "AI Intelligent Mine Disaster Risk Prevention and Control Solution" for smart mines and smart manufacturing scenarios. These solutions provide locally deployed 5G dedicated network products and services to strengthen the service security capacity and reduce the cost of communication network construction and operation and maintenance for users under the condition of multi-use of one network, and the intelligent application of AI to build an effective "hidden danger investigation + safety education" system for the construction of smart mines to prevent disasters before they happen. These new technologies and solutions provide important support for the digital intelligence of mining and other operations.

For mining scenarios with complex environments and high risk factors, Woxu proposes an intelligent control system for personnel safety on duty based on UWB technology. Using UWB technology, the system identifies and analyses "human unsafe behaviour", realises real-time view of production personnel status, monitoring of personnel vital signs, all-round supervision of key areas and intelligent control of inspection process, allowing mine safety production to be prevented beforehand, controlled during the process and traceable afterwards. In addition, the system is connected to intelligent lighting, indoor and outdoor integration, video linkage, intelligent attendance and other systems to help mine safety production, cost reduction and efficiency, digital intelligence upgrade.

Intelligent control system for personnel safety on duty
Pain points and objectives
Pain points
1. Complex environment, many high-risk areas, difficult to carry out comprehensive real-time supervision of personnel.
2. Using the traditional inspection sign inspection method, the inspection process is prone to omission and misinspection.
3. The safety of personnel cannot be guaranteed during special equipment maintenance and operation in dangerous areas.
4. Lack of intelligent means for pre-/post-monitoring management, low efficiency of manual supervision.
5. Personnel positioning and intelligent lighting systems are independent of each other, and the products are not combined.

1. Combine personnel positioning with 3D models to visually display the location distribution of personnel in each layer area.
2. Custom set inspection points, inspection personnel and periodicity to meet the needs of regular inspection in all aspects.
3. Virtual electronic fence and sound and light alarm, to meet the management of dangerous area authority and enhance the speed of incident response.
4. Personnel positioning technology, to solve the previous "man-to-man" supervision method, to ensure the visibility and control of personnel.
5. Intelligent lighting equipment with UWB module implanted in the lamps to meet the dual needs of high precision positioning and intelligent control.

The system is mainly composed of hardware (anchor, tag), positioning engine software (C/S architecture) and API interface.

The tag and the anchor communicate through UWB pulse signals, the anchor collects the tag's information data and forwards it to the positioning server, the data is processed through the algorithm of the positioning engine, and the accurate location, electronic fence, alarm and other information is transmitted to the upper layer application or third party platform through an open API interface.

Integration of multiple systems
- Intelligent Lighting

UWB positioning system + intelligent lighting system to achieve intelligent control, support "light on when people come, light off when people go", the induction distance is adjustable.

- Indoor and outdoor fusion positioning

The smart helmet integrates GPS/BeiDou, UWB and 5G modules to achieve seamless switching between indoor and outdoor positioning.

- Video linkage

In case of an emergency alarm event, the associated area video will be automatically triggered to be retrieved and captured, greatly saving the time of retrieving video images.

- Vehicle collision warning

Collision warning for work vehicles (trucks, forklifts, construction vehicles) in the production area.

In the future, Woxu Wireless is looking forward to working with more partners to form a synergy, to work together for a win-win situation, to build the Woxu ecosystem and to create a new pattern in the mining industry.