Forklift anti-collision alarm is an important part of forklift safety

In recent years, forklifts, as an important means of logistics and transportation, have greatly improved the efficiency of logistics and transportation. The popularity of forklift trucks is also increasing, but the accompanying forklift safety accidents are also gradually increasing. Forklift anti-collision alarm begins to show its value. Through the anti-collision alarm to remind the driver to slow down, pay attention to the blind spot, remind the surrounding personnel to pay attention to safety.

UG-520 is a sound and light alarm light developed by Woxu Wireless based on UWB technology. Based on centimeter-level high-precision ranging, it can realize early warning, alarm area judgment and light integration warning. It supports up to 30 levels of volume alerts and four light alert modes: flashing, rotating, strobe, and constant light. It also supports voice prompts, default storage of six voices, and MP3 format voice customization, which can be applied to safety management in the environment of Industry 4.0, warehousing and logistics, and port terminals.

What is the function of installing forklift anti-collision alarm?

The main causes of forklift accidents are usually caused by the driver's lack of safety awareness, poor forklift safety conditions, overloaded use of forklifts, and lack of safety awareness in forklift workplaces. Installation of forklift anti-collision alarm can help to remind the driver's blind spot, corner collision-prone area and other staffs in the area covered by the goods, so as to ensure the safety of the driver and other personnel in a timely manner.

The working principle of forklift anti-collision alarm system

Woxu Wireless UWB forklift anti-collision warning system, with international advanced UWB positioning technology as the core. By installing anti-collision alarm light UG-520 in the forklift and corner area, and personnel wearing positioning tags, the real-time position of the vehicle and personnel can be accurately monitored. Adopting self-developed ranging algorithm to realize accurate ranging between personnel and forklift, forklift and forklift, with an average accuracy of up to 10cm, and combining with acousto-optic alarm to form anti-collision early warning device, to realize anti-collision early warning function.