Heavyweight! The 2022 Smart Power Plant Industry Insight White Paper was officially released

On April 25, 2023, the "2022 Smart Power Plant Industry Insight White Paper" was officially released at the Xi'an Smart Power Plant Forum Conference. The book is guided by North China Electric Power University, the Technology Transfer and Transformation Center of North China Electric Power University, Zhongguancun Huadian Energy and Power Industry Alliance, together with Shanghai Xinhua, Wave, DeepInfo, Longkun Wisdom, Guangdong Unicom, Fidelity Environmental Protection, Hangzhou Lingbang Technology, Nanjing Woxu Communication, Zhuhai Tonghai Technology, Beijing Zhongan Jitai and other digital intelligence service providers and Internet enterprises. The 2022 Smart Power Plant Industry Insight White Paper is the fourth volume in the series, and the team insists on releasing one volume per year, which has become a research result with authoritative credibility and industry influence in the industry.

The book covers recent developments in the field of smart power plants, data analysis and analysis, as well as hundreds of power generation enterprises' smart construction projects. In addition, the smart power plant construction solutions chapter explains in detail the overall construction route of the digital smart transformation on the power generation side, as well as cutting-edge research results and applications involving basic support, smart power generation, smart safety, energy saving and environmental protection, smart equipment, and information technology application innovation. Solutions.

Intelligent safety is an important support for the construction of smart power plants. Since last year, the country has frequently issued policies related to power security, and the field of intelligent security has become the focus of technological innovation for many power generation companies. With high performance and high stability of accurate location data as the core, Woxu Wireless has been able to integrate various technologies such as "UWB+AP dual network", "UWB+5G" and "UWB+BeiDou/GPS indoor/outdoor fusion". " and other technology fusion methods, to provide powerful product solutions, technology and service support for thermal power plants, hydropower stations, substations, wind farms and other scenarios.

At the same time, through the comprehensive empowerment of personnel accurate location data and 3D, video linkage, face recognition, two-ticket management and other business integration, to achieve intelligent control of personnel safety in traditional energy and new energy power plants, real-time monitoring of personnel on duty, personnel behavior violation monitoring and intelligent management of "two tickets and three systems", to help create A safe, stable and efficient intelligent safety system.