How to correctly install the forklift anti-collision alarm system

The emergence of forklifts has brought new changes to transportation, greatly improving the efficiency of logistics and transportation. In order to ensure the safety of forklift and reduce the occurrence of forklift accidents, forklift-related products also came into being. Forklift anti-collision alarm is a product to ensure the safety of forklift and personnel.

UG-520 Alarm

So how to install the forklift anti-collision alarm system correctly?

1. Installation of alarm light
The alarm light can be installed outside or inside the cab as needed. It should be noted that the installation should be firm and the wiring should be hidden as much as possible.

2. Connection of UG-520
Pre-connection requires the product UG-520, 485 data cable and power supply.UG-520 has two wires, the yellow one is 485A and the green one is 485B, connect them with the 485 data cable correctly, and for the sake of easy operation, DuPont wire is used at the interface. Connect the positive and negative wires of the UG-520 to one of the power cables, then connect the power cable to the battery, so that the preliminary part is completed. Then connect the USB port of the 485 data cable to the computer and turn on the power switch.

3. Alarm Configuration
When the configuration cable is plugged into the computer, you can open the computer management, find the device manager, and then from the port side you can get the port number of the USB. Here the port number is COM8, this time open the serial port tool - SecureCRT, the first time you need to configure the installation of the driver SecureCRT. click on the Create button, configure the serial port mode, configure the protocol to select Serial, the port number to select COM8, select the baud rate of 115200, and then Click Connect and press Enter, then some information will appear, configure the parameters of UG-520 by Set command, for example, configure the no-reporting distance of 3m and so on.