IOT Star is announced! Woxu Wireless wins three awards of "IOT Star" in 2022!

With the victory of the epidemic blockade and the start of a new round of accelerated socio-economic development, 2022 has become a dividing line of the times. In the past few years, all industries have been facing huge challenges. As a rapidly developing new industry, IoT has maintained a positive development trend through the efforts of the industry chain while under pressure. The "IoT Star" event has also witnessed the extraordinary achievements of IoT companies in the past year.

2022 "IOT Star" IOT industry annual list as the industry measurement of IOT enterprise benchmark activities, has been the industry's attention. Recently, the results of 2022 "IOT Star" IOT industry annual list were officially announced. Nanjing Woxu Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. won the "2022 China IoT Industry Innovative Product List", "2022 China IoT Application Benchmark Case List ", "2022 China Internet of things enterprise investment value of the top 50" three awards.

Insist on innovation and continuous growth

In the era of Internet of Everything, more and more technologies are being fused together, bringing infinite possibilities for application innovation, and the fusion of UWB technology, as a popular indoor positioning, with 5G not only provides accurate location services for the industry, but also uses the characteristics of 5G high speed, low latency, large connection and high security as a bridge for UWB data transmission. Woxu Wireless also won the "2022 China IoT Industry Innovation Product List".

UA-180-5G is an ultra-wideband (UWB) 5G converged anchor designed by Nanjing Woxu Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. which greatly reduces the complexity of convergence line design, saves a lot of fiber optic line and equipment investment and maintenance costs, and effectively shortens the project construction period.

UWB application, driving industrial digital upgrade

The case that won the "2022 China IoT Application Benchmark Case List" - Yushan Cement's industrial digital twin personnel safety operation and maintenance project. Under the strategic guidance of CNBM, the project adheres to the goal-oriented approach, inherits the excellent corporate culture, business philosophy and management mode, grasps the reform and innovation, the three essence management, optimization and upgrading, party construction and other work, and is committed to building a modern cement plant with intelligence, informationization and green.

The project is upgraded by technological innovation, 4 5G anchors, dozens of sets of intelligent equipment, more than 540 UWB positioning anchors, more than 600 cameras, more than 12,000 data collection points together to form a "smart" intelligent control system. As an important part of the intelligent transformation of the cement plant, the UWB accurate positioning + health monitoring system can accurately obtain the location data and vital signs data such as heart rate and blood oxygen of the personnel in the plant, and fuse the collected data with the digital twin platform to break the data silos and efficiently solve the problem of personnel safety management.

As a technology innovation company, Woxu Wireless has never stopped innovating and seeking changes. With more than ten years of experience in the industry, Woxu has grown into a company that focuses on location digitization and provides safety and lean manufacturing services for industrial users. Focusing on the four major fields of industry, electricity, mining and warehousing, Woxu has been going deeper and deeper to really help empower enterprises and create long-term value for customers.

In the future, Woxu Wireless will continue to adhere to the development concept of "creating value for customers and contributing to society", insist on the "1+2+4" service matrix, build "end, management, edge, cloud In the future, Woxu will continue to adhere to the development philosophy of "creating value for customers and contributing to society", insist on the "1+2+4" service matrix, build the "end, management, edge, cloud" system architecture, empower the intelligent construction of industrial safety and in-plant logistics optimization, and devote to become "the world's leading location digitalization solution provider.