Overseas Visits | American customers visited us to discuss project cooperation

With the rapid development of Woxu Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. and its continuous efforts in overseas market, Woxu's products have attracted many foreign customers to visit us with its leading technology innovation.

From May 22nd to 26th, the representatives of Talitrix company from USA came to our company for inspection and exchange, Mr. Lin Quan Quan and Ms. Wang Xiang, the manager of overseas business department of Woxu Wireless, received them.

Talitrix is an Atlanta, Georgia-based company dedicated to creating a 21st century solution suite that provides objective metrics and real-time data to protect the most vulnerable in society. The visit to our company focused on the strengths of both companies, development plans and project cooperation.

Accompanied by General Manager Mr. Lin Quan Quan and Ms. Wang Xiang, the client visited our R&D department and production workshop. The customers highly appreciated Woxu's excellent product process control ability, and fully affirmed the company's R&D capability, production capacity and management. During the visit, Ms. Wang Xiang, the manager of the overseas business unit, gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the customers, and impressed them with her rich professional knowledge and ability to work. At the end of the visit, Talitrix client and our company discussed in depth on the future cooperation areas such as anti-tampering bracelet, UWB positioning system and online support of WPAS platform, and reached a long-term cooperation intention.

After the exchange, the customer also gave high praise to our company's achievements in the industrial, power and energy, coal mining and comprehensive fields, and hoped to accelerate the pace of cooperation between the two companies and give full play to their respective technical advantages, so as to contribute to the global digital positioning together.

The visit of Talitrix not only strengthened the cooperation and communication between our company and overseas customers, but also laid a solid foundation for our positioning system and products to go international. In the future, we will always insist on high quality products, carry out business cooperation with the market strategy of "rooted in China, serving the world", give full play to the complementary advantages of multiple technologies, provide customers with high quality services and strong support for location data, so as to make our world smarter and safer.