Powerful Certification | Woxu Positioning Anchor UA-210 passed OpenHarmony Eco-Product Compatibility Certificate

At the beginning of the new year, everything is new. As a true ally of Huawei, Woxu wireless has recently celebrated another important milestone: Woxu's positioning anchor UA-210 has successfully passed the OpenHarmony 3.1 Release Compatibility Assessment and was awarded the OpenHarmony Eco-Product Compatibility Certificate. The certificate marks the further cooperation between the two companies to promote the construction of OpenHarmony open source industry and build a smart ecology for all scenarios of Internet of everything.

About OpenHarmony

OpenHarmony is an open source project incubated and operated by OpenAtom Foundation. The goal is to build a framework and platform for smart device operating system based on open source for the era of all-scene, all-connectivity and all-smart, and to promote the prosperous development of the Internet of Everything industry.

Among them, compatibility assessment is a key part of the ecological construction to ensure the interoperability of OpenHarmony products such as development boards, devices and software distributions supported by a unified technical base.

Woxu wireless Positioning anchor UA-210 Device

The UA-210 device is an indoor positioning anchor designed based on UWB ultra-wideband technology. In addition to OpenHarmony compatibility, UA-210 supports IEEE 802.3 af/at standard and can be networked and powered by PoE switch. With the advantages of long coverage distance and high positioning accuracy, it can be widely used in locating people and materials in factories, electric power, warehouses, exhibition halls and other scenes.

This time, the UA-210 positioning anchor has successfully passed the adaptation of OpenHarmony lightweight system, which will give full play to the open source advantages of OpenHarmony and promote the construction of OpenHarmony ecosystem. In the future, Woxu will continue to use our technology and innovation power to contribute to the digital innovation and digital transformation of the industry.