Woxu Invites You to See the Charm of UWB Technology

With the global attention focused on Hannover, Germany, the much-anticipated Hannover Messe 2024 has been grandly opened on April 22nd! In this event known as the "World Industrial Olympics", 4,000 exhibitors from 59 countries and regions around the world (of which 66% are international exhibitors and 34% are local German companies) will present cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the industrial sector in the coming week.


Highlights at the Woxu booth

On the show floor, Woxu' booth (Hall 14 J72-2) showcases its UWB positioning exhibits and solutions for a wide range of applications and case studies in the field of industry and warehousing logistics.

As one of the highlight products,Woxu's new product UT-316 series e-paper ink screen positioning tags vividly illustrate the paperless and digital transformation of industrial and warehouse management with the dual advantages of e-paper display and UWB precise positioning.

In this exhibition, Woxu also brought lightweight material positioning tags, new US series integrated collision avoidance and warning solutions, smart watch positioning tags, etc. Especially the forklift collision avoidance integrated system applied in the field of warehousing and logistics, which is highly favored by customers.


Technology Leads, Innovation Showcase

As the exhibition progresses,Woxu's booth (J72-2, Hall 14) attracted a lot of invited customers, industry partners and professional visitors to stop, visit and consult. They stopped in front of the exhibits with great interest, experienced the charm of precise spatial and temporal positioning of Woxu UWB system, and exchanged technical details and application scenarios with on-site staff.

The picture shows the staff explaining the UWB products and solutions to the visitors


Interactive experience, intuitive feeling

In Woxu booth, visitors can not only have a close contact and try all kinds of positioning products, but also experience the real-time dynamic positioning, intelligent warning and one-key distress and other functions by wearing the personnel positioning tags, and intuitively feel the value of the UWB system in the application of personnel safety control and material flow tracking.

From the high-precision and low-latency service provided by the positioning base station to the stable transmission and fast deployment capability of the US series integrated collision avoidance and warning system, Woxu's strength in promoting factory automation and warehouse logistics intelligence has been vividly demonstrated.


Invitation to learn and create the future together

The excitement of Hannover Messe is still going on (4.22-26), we sincerely invite those who haven't visited us yet to come to Woxu's booth Hall 14 J72-2, to share this technological feast with us, and to explore the infinite potential and broad application prospects of UWB technology in the era of Industry 4.0.

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