Woxu UWB system leads the journey of time and space, invites you to explore the infinite possibilities together!

Global Focus, Industrial Flagship

Hannover Messe 2024 (HM24 for short), which carries more than 70 years of glorious history, will be opened again from April 22nd to 26th. Since its inception in 1947, this event, known as the "world's industrial Olympics", has steadily become the flagship of global manufacturing and technological innovation, bringing together the world's leading scientific and technological forces and cutting-edge solutions, and shaping the contours of the industrial future year after year.

Every year, top companies, innovators and industry leaders from all over the world gather here to discuss the most cutting-edge trends and technological advances in the industrial field, and to share in the excitement by showcasing cutting-edge technological achievements.

This year, Woxu will bring UWB positioning solutions and products to Hannover Messe, with the theme of "Feel the power of space and time, explore the infinite possibilities", to vividly show how UWB technology empowers smart manufacturing, and promotes the optimization of production processes, efficient use of resources and intelligent safety management in the new era.

Selected exhibits of Woxu, interpreting the charm of intelligence

On the bright stage of HM24, Woxu will exhibit advanced industrial-grade high-precision UWB positioning technology. With centimeter-level accurate positioning, excellent stability and wide adaptability, our solutions have been successfully applied in many industrial scenarios, which strongly promote the process of factory automation and warehouse logistics intelligence.

Positioning Anchor:
Equipped with cutting-edge UWB positioning technology, it provides high-precision and low-latency location services and builds the core infrastructure of smart factories.

New US Series Integrated Collision Avoidance and Early Warning System:
Adopting advanced wireless ranging algorithm, it has ultra-high ranging accuracy and long-distance stable transmission capability, rapid deployment, and is widely used in the scenarios of human-vehicle collision avoidance and vehicle-vehicle collision avoidance in warehousing and logistics.

Lightweight material positioning tags:
lightweight and portable, energy efficient, durable, designed for complex and harsh industrial environments, warehousing and logistics management, medical and nursing institutions and intelligent office design, real-time and accurate tracking and management of various materials.

E-paper Ink Screen Location Tag:
Combining the unique e-paper display technology and UWB precise location function, it helps industrial and warehouse management to visualize and promote paperless workflow and digital operation.

Intelligent positioning touch screen watch:
integrating fashion and technology, it not only has professional accurate positioning function, but also integrates health management and safety monitoring service, bringing intelligent safety guarantee and management performance, which is the ideal choice for modern working environment.

In addition, Woxu will also display a series of supporting equipment and personalized industry solutions, dedicated to meet the individual needs of different application scenarios.

Booth Guide

We sincerely invite all colleagues, partners and industry elites to visit Hall 14 J72-2 to experience how Woxu's UWB positioning solutions can subvert the traditional boundaries and open up a brand new space-time journey in the era of Industry 4.0!

We are looking forward to meeting you at Hannover Messe, sharing this feast of science and technology, and creating a new era of Industry 4.0 hand in hand!