Woxu Wireless successfully passed CMMI3 certification, the R&D capability was recognised by international authority!

Recently, after the strict audit of the international authority CMMI Institute, Woxu Wireless successfully passed the CMMI3 certification. The software R&D capability, implementation service delivery, project management level, R&D management and organisational process improvement of Woxu Wireless have reached the international leading level, achieving the convergence with the international mainstream technology and management requirements, which marks an important step in the standardization process of Woxu Wireless's R&D management system.

CMMI is called Capability Maturity Model Integration. It is led by Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University and jointly organised by global experts in software process improvement and software development management. As one of the highest specification and most difficult certifications in the global software industry, CMMI certification is not only the highest authoritative standard for measuring the maturity of software development capability and project management level of enterprises, but also an international certification with very high gold content.

During the two-month period, according to the CMMI3 model standard, the CMMI assessment team used various methods, such as personnel interviews, on-site demonstration and document checking, to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of Woxu Wireless's various applicable capabilities and practices. The assessment team made an in-depth analysis of the status quo, problems and reasons of each business unit of the company, and put forward corresponding improvement suggestions. Finally, the assessment team reached a consensus that Woxu Wireless fully meets the objectives and practice standards required by the CMMI3 standard in terms of R&D capability, process organisation capability and quality management level.

The success of CMMI3 certification is the fruit of continuous innovation in the field of software research and development, and it is also an important milestone for the continuous standardisation, normalisation and internationalisation of the R&D management system and service delivery system, which lays a solid foundation for the continuous innovation and upgrading of the technology, products and solutions of Woxu Wireless in the future.

Woxu Wireless has taken a new step in the field of location digitisation, and the success of CMMI level 3 certification marks a brand new stage of its development. Woxu will continue to play its technology, product and solution advantages, fully integrate the CMMI3 assessment and certification standards into the practice, continue to promote R & D innovation, lead the technological upgrading, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises with scientific and technological innovation, and continue to plough forward on the road of digital China construction.