Woxu won two awards at the e-works Smart Manufacturing Festival

The 11th China Smart Manufacturing Summit Forum and the 19th China Smart Manufacturing Year-end Roundup Award Ceremony, hosted by e-works Digital Enterprise Network, was successfully concluded in Hangzhou on July 28-29. (hereinafter referred to as "Woxu") was invited to attend this event and won the "Excellent Supplier of Intelligent Positioning System Solution in China 2021" and "Excellent Recommended Product in China 2021".

The "14th Five-Year Plan" points out that: the in-depth implementation of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing projects, the development of new models of service-oriented manufacturing, and the promotion of high-end, intelligent and green manufacturing. At the same time, China has clearly put forward the goal of "carbon peak" in 2030 and "carbon neutral" in 2060. Therefore, the digital transformation of manufacturing industry and the organic combination of intelligent manufacturing and energy-saving and low-carbon is one of the important directions to promote manufacturing industry to achieve green and intelligent manufacturing.

As a company deeply engaged in digital transformation and empowerment, in the past year, Woxu Wireless has been exploring and practicing smart manufacturing with many manufacturing companies. As a carrier of location digitization, Woxu provides high-quality services to manufacturing enterprises from all over the world, and jointly builds a comprehensive location digitization solution to realize precise location, seamless tracking, intelligent scheduling and efficient collaboration of production factors such as people, vehicles, materials and things in the enterprise, and installs a "smart brain" for manufacturing enterprises. It helps manufacturing enterprises to improve safety management and lean production management.

The theme of the conference was "The Way of Smart Manufacturing under the Double Carbon Tide", and Woxu Wireless won the award of "2021 China Smart Manufacturing Excellent Recommended Product" for its e-paper + UWB indoor precise positioning solution. The combination of advanced UWB technology and e-paper, on the one hand, collects real-time location data of mobile objects through centimeter-level high-precision positioning technology, and on the other hand, uses e-paper to replace traditional paper to interconnect location data and information carriers, thus making the manufacturing process digital and transparent, green and environmentally friendly, and helping to achieve the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality of Carbon Dafeng. The ambitious goal of carbon neutral.

China's manufacturing industry is accelerating towards a new era. As a member of the smart manufacturing digital ecology, Woxu will continue to provide comprehensive and high-quality location digitalization solutions, collaborate with partners to innovate, empower enterprises to develop with high quality, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry.