On December 29th, Woxu invites you to omlox China's first offline seminar

Since its release in 2020, omlox, the world's first open positioning standard for industrial applications, has more than 100 partners worldwide thanks to its practical functional value and open ecosystem. China, as the center of gravity of the world economic system, has naturally contributed an irreplaceable share in the process of popularizing the standard.

With the gradual liberalization of epidemic prevention and control, omlox is finally able to hold its annual omlox seminar with industry colleagues in an offline manner. The aim of the seminar is to further develop and consolidate the omlox standard through face-to-face communication with experts from various industries and the presentation of the first application case in China, which was deployed in a TRUMPF factory in China, and to continue to promote partnerships and multi-dimensional win-win cooperation.

In the era of Internet of Everything, real-time positioning systems have achieved excellent economic and social benefits in industry safety and lean production. However, at present, thousands of applications based on location data are customized solutions for separate positioning technologies, forming data silos in the process of enterprise informationization. And factors that hinder data collection by real-time positioning systems include,

  • Lack of interfaces for industrial applications
  • Lack of hardware that can be operated interactively
  • High cost of infrastructure and location tags
  • High installation and integration costs
  • Lack of standards for existing usage data structures

The revolutionary industrial-grade open positioning standard omlox alleviates the above-mentioned aspects considerably. It allows easy compatibility with location data from all positioning technology systems and hardware interoperability within the UWB ultra-broadband range.

WOXU WIRELESS, as a leading location service solution provider in China, has been actively promoting the interface with omlox location standards since it joined omlox in 2021, to jointly create standard-compliant location data service solutions and provide services and guarantees for security and location solutions for global enterprise customers in various fields. Woxu Wireless has been invited to participate in the omlox seminar, which will bring new developments and applications of UWB technology standards convergence.

What value can location systems under the omlox standard bring to customers, and what makes the omlox standard make a difference in location data? We invite you to join us for the first offline seminar in China to be held by PI-China and the omlox team on December 29, 2022 in Taicang, Jiangsu Province, China. We will discuss the future development of positioning standards and positioning systems together and experience the value of standardizing hardware systems and software platforms.

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