Woxu presents omlox China online seminar

On January 6, 2023, omlox, together with PI-China, held the first online seminar in China at the headquarters of Tom Fast (China) Ltd. in Taicang, Jiangsu Province. With the theme of "Positioning Technology Standards for Digital Intelligent Production", the seminar aimed to discuss the future development of positioning standards and positioning systems with expert representatives from industrial manufacturing, so that companies, whether representing hardware systems, software platforms, or consulting and integration solutions, can effectively benefit from the value of standardization. As a member of the omlox consortium, Woxu Wireless was invited to participate in this seminar.

About omlox

omlox is the world's first open positioning standard designed to enable flexible real-time positioning solutions with elements from different manufacturers without any project planning. omlox defines the interface between the omlox core and the omlox hub: using these technologies, UWB (ultra-wideband) based devices from different manufacturers can be positioned within a single positioning zone, and complementary location information of the positioning technologies can be mapped holistically. 

Since its release in 2020, omlox, the world's first open positioning standard for industrial-grade applications, has benefited from practical functional values and an open ecosystem that has enabled it to have more than 100 partners worldwide. China, as the center of gravity of the world economy, has naturally contributed irreplaceably to the popularization of the standard. Through the face-to-face communication of industry experts and the presentation of the first application case in China, which was installed in a TomFast factory in China, the development of the omlox standard will not only be further consolidated, but will also continue to deepen the multi-dimensional win-win cooperation between partners.

Woxu Wireless, as a leading location service solution provider in China, has been actively promoting the connection with omlox location standards since joining omlox in 2021, and jointly creating standard-compliant location data service solutions to provide services and guarantees for companies in various fields worldwide that need security and location services.

Mr. Fang Hong, Chairman of Woxu Wireless, attended the seminar and delivered a speech to discuss the development and future of positioning standards in industrial manufacturing with industry experts. During the meeting, not only did he share Woxu's positioning cases in industrial manufacturing, such as lineside material management, personnel efficiency management, tool management, workflow management and collision avoidance, but also shared plans and directions for cooperation with omlox.

Cooperation plan and depth

Mr. Fang Hong, Chairman of Woxu Wireless, talked about the cooperation plan with omlox from three aspects.

01 Technology integration
On the one hand, the technology convergence will be achieved by connecting DeepHub; on the other hand, Woxu's UWB hardware is compliant with the air interface protocol of core zone, so it can be mixed with other UWB hardware that is also compliant with the air interface in the future. From the standardization of tags, the standardization of base stations can be achieved.

02 Explore the market
Woxu has been practicing the concept of rooting in China and serving the world, and through the multi-dimensional integration of technologies and the aggregation of applications and services, it has been continuously conducting practical exploration to create the RTLS market with omlox as the standard and open up a new blue ocean in the global positioning field. We have also signed an agreement with omlox, and the cooperative products will be sold and promoted in the European market.

03 Win-win cooperation
Wuxu will play its own advantages in the field of positioning, create location digitalization solutions for business scenarios, focus on industry applications, and continue to empower the industry. We will also cooperate with other partners of omlox and work side by side to actively promote the needs of each other and build a new ecology of intelligent positioning.

At this stage, we have already cooperated to open the omlox DeepHub, and both parties will continue to cooperate to realize the UWB air interface protocol of omlox core zone as soon as possible.

*DeepHub Demo

In the future, Woxu Wireless will actively play the role model power, through technology empowerment, collaborative linkage, together with omlox members and partners, to promote the development of omlox standard-based ecology, and continue to empower the industry!