Woxu was invited to participate in the salon event of "Starfire Chatting with Suzhou to welcome the new opportunities of intellectual manufacturing" of Longchamp

On April 14, 2023, Waveshine held a salon event of "Starfire Chatting with the Edge to Welcome New Opportunitie Smart Manufacturing" in Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou Park. The event aimed to discuss with enterprises in the industry the latest technology trends in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, edge computing, networking and other fields, and propose innovative solutions for edge computing to address the opportunities and challenges in manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

In this event, experts not only shared edge computing and enterprise digital transformation trends edge server & network products and case introduction, but also shared 5G smart manufacturing solutions. As an invited partner, Woxu Wireless participated in this salon event of Starfire Chat Edge.

*High-precision positioning demo by Woxu Wireless *Industrial Business Unit Manager introduced the solution to the customer

As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and application of location digitization, Woxu Wireless has been working in the field of industrial intelligent manufacturing for more than ten years, providing centimeter-level high-precision positioning management solutions for enterprises with the international advanced UWB technology as the core. In the field of industrial manufacturing, Woxu's intelligent industrial solutions can achieve intelligent safety and efficiency management of industrial equipment and personnel by collecting and analyzing data in real time and monitoring and warning the status of personnel and equipment online.

*System Architecture

Woxu's intelligent industrial solutions have already brought many benefits to companies, such as providing scientific management guidelines to improve productivity and reduce personnel idle time. In terms of material management in the online warehouse, it helped a Fortune 500 daily chemical company to achieve paperless management in and out of the warehouse, reducing the cost of warehouse management personnel by more than 20% and shortening the production line change time by more than 20%. cost. For Jiangsu Leili to improve the efficiency of personnel on duty management, reduce management pressure, optimize the production line position settings, the overall increase in oprduction capacity productivity by 10%. At the same time, we also helped Yutong Bus to realize the refined management of the whole production process, which improved the production efficiency by more than 15% and reduced the production cost. Realize the visualization management in the region for Debonair transfer yard, making the management more transparent and efficient. Through electronic tags, we realize cargo identification and tracking, reducing human errors and human losses, and increasing work efficiency by more than 10%.

Woxu Wireless actively promotes the integration of various industries with edge servers, empowering the digitalization and wisdom transformation of industries such as automobile manufacturing, steel manufacturing, and warehousing and logistics. The indoor and outdoor base stations, tags, engines, and WPAS platforms launched by Woxu Wireless have leading advantages in product performance, energy saving, security, harsh environment adaptability, and O&M deployment for large-scale scenarios, which can provide customers with integrated and fast delivery capabilities and customized solutions to help users better respond to different scenarios and differentiated needs.

In the future, Woxu Wireless will continue to focus on the development of the manufacturing industry, provide more efficient and reliable products and solutions, focus on empowering intelligent manufacturing, and continue to inject surging power into the intelligent applications of the manufacturing industry.