When you ask "Where is it?" let ultra-broadband technology answer you

¿Dónde? Missä? Où? Ahol? Dove? Onde? Kur? ဘယ်မှာ? Ở đâu?, I gcás, Woher? Where?

Along with 'hello' and 'thank you', 'where' is probably the most used and most indispensable word in the world. We use it every day, usually in the morning, when something as ordinary but important as our keys are missing. It is also used in the evening when you start looking for the remote control for the TV or stereo. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to find something important at any time without having to keep looking around? Wouldn't it be nice to also get rid of the dependence on something that is always lost? We will soon have such a convenience in our lives thanks to the advent of ultra-wideband technology (UWB).

UWB is a proven radio frequency technology that enables centimetre-level positioning through tiny electronic chips. The chip integrates very reliable two-way communication, providing us with accurate ranging and reliable data exchange - all in a very low-power device that can be used in smart watches, cars or key fobs. This technology is already used in many of the latest smartphones.

Ultra-wideband technology: detecting the location of objects and people

UWB uses a short pulse and time-of-flight mechanism with very low energy consumption, making it more accurate and reliable than other wireless technologies traditionally used for location and proximity services. Here's a look at how UWB has been or will be used to make our lives easier and safer:

Your smartphone will tell you exactly where you keep your keys.

Your car will only be unlocked when you appear at a certain distance from it with your key fob, wearing your smartwatch or holding your phone.

The interconnected devices in your home or office (speakers, temperature and humidity control, etc.) will automatically adjust to your location, for example by transferring the music you are listening to in the kitchen to the living room.

You will be able to know where to go in indoor places and find friends or family at the mall or stadium just as easily as you can use GPS navigation in your car today.

You'll even be able to make secure payments without pulling out your phone or wallet, because UWB will keep your connection safe from theft.

And that's just the beginning. When Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and GPS were in the public domain, there were only a handful of ways we could make these technologies work. But even so, these technologies have already changed our lives dramatically. Likewise, UWB is about to bring a new wave of change that will provide a secure, seamless and intuitive user experience. UWB is already being used in smartphones, cars, speakers and is being adopted by all major OEMs.