There are many positioning technologies including Bluetooth,UWB,Zigbee and RFID and each of them has its own characteristics. According to the different application situations ,customers can choose suitable technologies to meet requirements. Ultra-wideband is a kind of wireless positioning technology with high precision compared to traditional technologies such as bluetooth which positioning accuracy can reach several meters. 


Bluetooth positioning technology is based on signal strength and the working frequency is 2.4GHZ .It is mainly used for precise positioning over short distances and its price is relatively low.


Zigbee positioning is also based on signal strength and the biggest advantage is its lower power consumption.However,the accuracy can be not high compared to other RTLS technologies.


RFID technology with a working frequency of 900MHz consists of passive tags and readers.The normal working range is about 5-10m.Using UHF technology, the positioning can only solve the simple judgment of whether to enter a certain area.


Ultra wideband(UWB)can provide real-time location with accuracy of 10-30cm and can be applied in outdoor positioning and indoor positioning.Besides,the high-speed data transmission and low power consumption make it outstanding in all positioning technologies. The following video is the demonstration of our company UWB location system .  

WOXU UWB real-time location system has been applied in various industries: Warehouse logistics,  Retail,  Sports , Tunnel ,  Industry 4.0,  Electricity plant,  Chemical plant,  Building site, Exhibiation, and so on, please click here,learn more about UWB RTLS.

Technology Bluetooth zigbee RFID UWB
Accuracy 10m 10m 5m  10-30cm
Coverage  10m  10m  2m  100m
Stability  low   (☆)  middle (☆☆)  low   (☆)  high  (☆☆☆)
Security  low   (☆)  low   (☆)  low   (☆)  high  (☆☆☆)
Application short distance,     high precision low accuracy area entry high precision
Capacity for  tag  50  50 100 500
Anchor quantitiesrequirement per unit area more  (☆☆☆) more  (☆☆☆)   more  (☆☆☆)     less (☆)
Unit price for  anchor  low   (☆)  low   (☆) high(☆☆) high(☆☆)
Unit price for  tag  high(☆☆)  high(☆☆)    low(☆) high(☆☆)
Installation  cost  high (☆☆☆)  high (☆☆☆) high (☆☆☆)   low(☆)

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