As a commonly used large-scale mechanical hoisting device, it is mainly used for the hoisting of goods in, out and moving in warehouses, ports and wharfs. In the whole hoisting process, personnel supervision is currently adopted. The management of materials is prone to safety problems and the management efficiency is very low. The specific manifestations are as follows:

1. Safety issues: At present, the warehouse goods are manually entered into the warehouse for searching, which is easy to be crushed.

2. Efficiency issues: In the past, manual registration was used, which was very inefficient and the labor input cost was also high.

3. Regulatory issues: There is a problem of lost goods/the mortgaged goods will be mortgaged multiple times or taken out of the library.

Woxu UWB high precision location system

For the above problems,Woxu provides UWB logistics warehouse ]crane application management solution.UWB high precision location system for traveling hook in logistics warehouse can be applied with UG-230 and the precision can reach 20cm.The system will supply the ranging data, based on the ranging data in two directions can realize the real-time location.

Through the API interface output the location and coordinate information, and the trajectory of the driving movement is displayed on a platform, so as to realize the management of automatic storage, movement and commodity delivery, which improves the storage efficiency. At the same time, realize the real time track of the steel ring and avoid economic losses caused by goods lost.

Four advantages to choose uwb high-precision that you can’t miss!

1.Independent R&D

UWB technology with high precision. All UWB products are R&D by WOXU, no need to worry about maintenance and upgrades.

2.Cost effective

The smart UWB system is tailored for logistics warehouse management. It is flexible to configurate, the higher ranging data, the furthest ranging distance. More easily to operate and maintain.

3.High-precision Ranging

Based on UWB technology, the ranging precision is 10cm,calculate the traveling hook position in real-time with high accuracy. Users can integrate the storage location information and RTLS data to do detailed management.

4.Easy to operate

Configure the ID of coordinate X and Y, then you can realize ranging meanwhile get the precise location you need.

Use case

A Ouyeel's Large Logistics Warehouse Steel Coil Project in Shanghai,which scale is 350m*60m  

Before the implementation -High frequency and large quantity of steel coils, the hooks are difficult to track and find in the warehouse, the distance between the hooks and the ground personnel is lower than the safe distance, etc., resulting in logistics delays, unreasonable location allocation and personnel safety And other issues.

After the implementation-Upload the collected x, y, z axis position data to the platform, realize the management of storage, storage, and movement through three-dimensional visualization, which reduces a lot of manpower input and improves the level of intelligent management.


1.Three-dimensional precise positioning

2.3D virtual inventory

More intuitive management platform, clear understanding of inventory status.

3.Optimize homework guidance

Realize the automatic storage, transfer, and delivery management of goods, which improves the efficiency of warehouse management.

4.Personnel safety management

There is no need for personnel to climb up and down to find steel coils, which reduces the risk of personnel finding products.

In a Nutshell

UWB positioning technology can provide you with more possibility than you think.Woxu uwb high-precision system might be a more affordable and easy-deployment choice for your company.

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