October 23rd to 25th, 2021, the 16th IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition, held in Shenzhen (Futian) Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is a high-level international event with complete industry chain of IOT, covering IOT perception layer, network layer, computing and platform layer, application layer, involving real-time positioning, cloud platform, big data and other comprehensive solutions and successful applications in many fields such as IOT retail, industry 4.0, smart city, etc. 

As the representative of high-precision location sensing with domestic independent intellectual property rights, Woxu Communications actively responds to the theme of the exhibition "Core Connects Everything, Smart Empowers the World" and presents its products and cutting-edge solutions of indoor positioning at this event, and communicates and negotiates with terminal customers, information service providers and software development integrators of IoT major application industries.

Shenzhen IOT Exhibition--Woxu

Woxu showed a full range of positioning products and solutions to the audience, including UWB-based centimeter-level positioning solution, Bluetooth AOA-based decimeter-level positioning solution, etc.

Point 1: Industry applications built on location services

Focus on five major industry applications, providing customers with the application needs of different scenarios such as industrial manufacturing, electric power and energy, underground coal mining, warehousing and logistics, providing strong data support and paperless management for enterprises and institutions, providing strong location data support and materialization management for the digital transformation of enterprises, adding bricks and mortar for the transformation of manufacturing.

Point 2: One-stop exhibition, immersive experience

The 3D model with Woxu's self-developed positioning products allowed the audience to experience the high accuracy of UWB centimeter-level positioning, strong anti-interference, and empowering business functions, which brought a new perceptual experience to the audience. The demonstration increased the interactivity and interest, and the audience was inundated with experience.  

Our staff demonstrated for the audience.

Point 3: The integration of multiple technologies, leading cutting-edge technology innovation

In the era of Internet of Things, the deep integration of multiple technologies has entered a new stage of exploration. Woxu Communication is actively innovating to break through the technical barriers and form new integrated solutions. During the exhibition, Woxu showed the application cases of "UWB + e-paper", "UWB + 5G", "UWB + AP" and other technology integration, such as the UWB+AP in Eink For example, the UWB+electronic paper application implemented in the Yangzhou plant of Yuantai, using the combination of positioning system and electronic paper to realize the visualization and paperless management of the whole process from parts to assembly, realizing the comprehensive paperless workshop information, and also actively responding to the national "double carbon" development goal; the application of UWB+5G positioning technology in the Taizhou power plant of National Energy has greatly promoted the construction and development of the intelligent power plant, and comprehensively improved the safety management capability of the power plant. The application of UWB+5G positioning technology in National Energy Taizhou Power Plant has greatly promoted the construction and development of smart power plants and improved the safety management capability of power plants.

The picture shows UT-226-E4 ink screen material label

Since its establishment in 2012, Woxu has always insisted on customer demand-oriented, focusing on industry safety and lean management, providing competitive location service IoT solutions, continuously creating value for customers and serving them. With a firm corporate culture, we match the best application solutions based on the actual needs of our customers to uncover value for them.

In 2022, Woxu will enter its tenth year since its establishment. In the future, Woxu will continue to dig deeper into industry applications for multi-dimensional fields, focus on the integration of products and customers' business logic, continue to provide high-quality, personalized services and strong data support for customers, and definitely continue to lead the technology trend of the IoT market.

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