Small System Is Set To Open A Whole New World Of UWB Technological Possibilities

  • 1.Configure the server(PC)
  • 2.Configure anchor
  • 3.Field measurements
  • 4.Configure ADEF
  • 5.Configure Vsets

What Is WOXU Real-Time Location System?

Woxu real-time location system(RTLS), based on UWB ultra-wideband wireless pulse technology, solves the positioning tag's spatial coordinates with TOF (time of flight) and TDOA (time difference of arrival) positioning algorithms. On the basis of location positioning, it realizes the functions of historical track, work time statistics, intelligent attendance, geo-fence, video linkage, etc. Dramatically meet the business needs of enterprise-level users in 0D, 1D ,2D ,3D scenarios.The system provides cm-level location data for clients and can be used in various tracking scenarios-ranging from personnel position tracking,asset tracking to vehicle tracking.

Woxu Advantages

5-30cm Accuracy

Woxu UWB RTLS offers 5-30cm positioning accuracy

Long Range

Woxu RTLS provides 200m coverage

Quick Setup

The UWB RTLS is easy to install and deploy

Easy To Integrate

Woxu offers open API for integration

Robust And Reliable

The RTLS is very stable even in harshest environments

Superior Scalability

The system allows you to add more tags and increase the coverage area as your needs grow


Woxu provides user friendly application software to help manage your project

Diverse Products

Tags for people tracking asset tracking,indoor and outdoor anchors, high power anchors,etc

System Components


Woxu provides multi-form positioning tags to support the wearing and installation of personnel/vehicles/materials. And obtained international certifications such as explosion-proof, SRRC, CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE, etc. to meet the requirements of different countries for product quality.

RTLS Anchors

Support the deployment and installation of indoor and outdoor different complex environments and different scene accuracy requirements. RTLS Anchors has passed explosion-proof, SRRC, CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE and other related certifications to meet the requirements of different countries for product quality.

RTLS Engine

LS1000 is a location positioning engine based on IR-UWB, which calculates accurate position coordinates by receiving data uploaded from the hardware. Support hardware configuration management, system testing; support UDP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS and other interface protocols.

Application Platform

WPAS application platform is a set of self-developed location service software, which mainly provides users with a series of visualization services based on location data such as real-time location, geo-fence, working hours statistics, intelligent attendance, emergency alarms, etc., providing security and efficiency for users.

WPAS-Turning Data into Actionable Insights

The Most Important Fields of Application for Ultra-wideband Technology

UWB RTLS can be used in various application scenarios:Industry 4.0, Warehouse logistics, Retail, Mining, Sports, Tunnel,  Electricity plant, Chemical plant, Building site, Exhibition and other industries.Learn more about how UWB RTLS increase safety and efficiency of your business.

Quickly Experience UWB RTLS Kit in 1 hour!

This RTLS UWB demo kit(also called “small system”)enables you to experience the RTLS system quickly. It can positioning and track objects with 5-30cm accuracy . It’s a good way to see how UWB technology works in real application.

Facts & Figures

  • Accuracy of 5-30cm
  • Long working range>100m
  • API for easy integration
  • Quick set up and easy installation
  • Quick start tutorial
  • Affordable prices

Guide Video

We have tried to complete all the installation-deployment-testing links within one-hour .

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