Frequently Asked Questions About WOXU

Q1:What is UWB technology? Compared with other technologies, what are your advantages?

A:UWB :Ultra Wide Band, with cm level accuracy. Compare other location technology, UWB has the following advantage:

  • Low Power Consumption
  • High accuracy with cm level
  • High Anti interference capability

WOXU UWB Advantage:

  • Easy to install and build the system;
  • In same algorithm, can select different location algorithm based on same hardware, just need the different configuration.
  • WOXU anchor can cover more larger area.

Q2:What is the composition of WOXU Wireless products? Networking architecture?

A:The hardware part of the product is the tag and anchor, and the software part is the engine (LS1000) and the platform.

Networking architecture: ranging between tags and anchors, the anchors uploads data to the engine through wired or wireless means, and the engine processes the data and uploads it to the platform to finally realize real-time location positioning, track playback and other services.

We also provide an open API interface, you can carry out independent secondary development.

Who/What scenarios need woxu wireless?

A:woxu wireless has a wide range of application scenarios. For example, in the industry 4.0 scenario, real-time accurate location of goods is required for efficient industrial production, and the work trajectory data of workers is used to analyze efficiency improvement points. Or in the power plant scenario, you can detect the activity status of employees, investigate dangerous situations in time, and set up electronic fences in dangerous areas.

Besides, in the scenarios of warehousing and logistics, forklift collision avoidance, public prosecution and justice, and smart city, the WOXU UWB solution can assist with the use of accurate time and space data to ensure safety and efficiency.

Q4:What is the specific price of the product?

A:Woxu wireless has a multi-product matrix. In order to provide better price consulting services, we provide telephone +86-25-83206362 or official email to access the real-time response service.

Q5:How about the tag battery life??

A:Different labels have different battery capacities. For example, when UT-206-H is 1HZ per second, TDoA lasts for three months, and TOF lasts for one month. For more information, you can visit our official website Woxu ( The product information has a more detailed introduction on the battery life of different products.

Q6:What’s the project life cycle?

A:The implementation cycle of the project depends on the number of anchors and tags in the project. It takes about a week to install about 20 anchors, complete power-on, network, and configuration.

Q7:What coverage área can we have with the demo kit in an unobstructed area?

A:With different anchors, the coverage distance is different. For example, UA-220 with coverage distance 100m (50m in radius) in open area, to measure the precise position of tags in a room 50m*50m, you need to install 4 UA-220.

Q8:What is the maximum distance between anchors and Server or Switch?

A:If the communication is by Wi-Fi, the distance should be no more than 100m, if it is by cable, then the distance all depends on the length of cable. (80m suggest)

Q9:What kind of services can be provided after purchasing Woxu products?

  • After purchasing our products, we will provide instructions for the use of anchors, tags, engines and platforms;
  • If there are any problems during the installation process, our engineers will provide you with remote technical guidance and online operation, and we can also provide paid on-site commissioning services;
  • If you have any questions during the use of your product, please consult our company, and our engineers will be happy to provide you with technical support.
  • In order to facilitate your further development based on our data, we will provide relevant information and actual code.
  • We have 1000+ project implementation experience and will share with you without reservation.

Q10:About installation?

  • Our System support 1D,2D,3D. For different location requirement, there are different requirements for the installation. You can reference to our .
  • The basic principle for anchor installation is: make sure the TAG can “talk” to three anchors without any occlusion and the three anchors can compose the acute triangle. If the environment is very complicated, we also can support obtuse triangle.