Anti-collision Solutions


Flexible Collision Avoidance Solution For Risk Reduction And Safety Presence

WOXU UWB vehicle anti-collision management solution is based on the core of international advanced UWB positioning technology. It adopts unilateral ranging algorithm to achieve accurate ranging between personnel and forklift, forklift and forklift, with an average accuracy of 10cm, and combines with sound and light alarm to form a device to realize anti-collision warning function.

Simple configuration,plug and play, no complicated control process

Precise ranging, real-time warning

Easy installation, no network construction

Adjustable warning range, long coverage

Flexible ,easy to integrate

Greater stability,MTBF≥10000h

How It Works?

Each forklift is equipped with an acousto-optic warning device and a UWB tag.The UWB tag can measure the actual distance between forklifts in real time.Before using,you can set the warning distance . When the actual distance is close to the set value, it will trigger the warning system and alert with sounds and lights.Besides,forklifts also can automatically stop when actual distance between them is close to the second dangerous distance you set.

More Ways To Use Anti-Collision Solutions In Multi-Scenario

Creating high-value for customers

GuangDa Green Energy Silo Collision Avoidance Project

GuangDa has a warehouse where straw is stacked, and forklifts are used to transport the stacked straw, and there are people moving around in the warehouse. The project requirement is to prevent collisions between personnel and forklifts, protect personnel safety and reduce the risk of collision; another one is to replace the alarm installed on the previous forklift, which has a big problem that the forklift keeps ringing once it is running.

UWB Devices Composition

System Demo

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