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Woxu uses a multi-dimensional positioning model to help chemical plants improve creativity

Greatly Improve the Safety Management Of Personnel In Chemical Plants!

The Woxu Smart Chemical personnel safety management solution, with the international advanced UWB technology as the core, provides centimeter-level high-precision positioning services for chemical plants. It adopts a multi-dimensional positioning mode combining 0-dimensional existence detection, 1-dimensional linear trajectory positioning and 2-dimensional regional plane positioning to accurately locate the real-time position of personnel. Combining business functions such as trajectory tracking, area number statistics, electronic fences, intelligent inspections, and video linkage, effectively improve the efficiency of chemical plant safety management.

Targeting objects: operators, inspectors, visitors, etc.

Multidimensional positioning for plant-wide personnel security ,without high costs!

A chemical plant area in Yancheng, Jiangsu, covers an area of about 40,000 square meters. Woxu conducts design and planning for Class A production workshops, Class A warehouses and outdoor roads. The main roads and workshops are positioned in 2 dimensions, the walled roads are positioned in 1 dimension, and the warehouse is positioned in 0 dimensions to realize the safety management of the entire plant.


More Ways to Use UWB Technology In Chemical Plant

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