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WOXU’s Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)AOA and Beacon will be applied to hospital and clinical.


Dramatically improve the efficiency and safety of medical services!

BLE AOA is an affordable, real-time location system (RTLS) for hospitals or medical organization. Lay a Bluetooth beacon in a single area, the Beacon transmits the signal, and the Bluetooth device receives the signal and feeds it back.
In this way, it can realize the tracking and dispatching of movable equipment, the intelligent supervision of medical staff, the real-time monitoring of critically ill patients, and the self-searching of medical consultation rooms and wards by patients and their families.What’s more, the solution doesn’t need to be installed throughout the entire facility to provide coverage in a specific area.

Installs In Days,Not Months

Ultra low power consumption

Excellent penetration

Lower cost

More Unique to Use Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) AOA In Hospitals

Efficient management of equipment

In hospitals, fixed assets bound with Beacon positioning tags can be located and tracked in real time. When emergency rescue measures are taken, according to the location information of the equipment on the system backstage, materials can be deployed nearby in real time, medical resources can be efficiently integrated, and patients can be treated quickly jobs. In addition, once the asset is out of the monitoring range, the system can issue an alarm in time to notify the manager to prevent loss.

Personnel safety management

In addition to intelligent location management of the device, it is also possible to set safe activity areas for critically ill patients and children wearing positioning bracelets, and record their health data to provide data reference for the treatment process. If the guarded person leaves the safe area, the system will send out an alarm signal in time to inform the manager to give timely help.

Medical data analysis

In the outpatient clinic, with the help of the Bluetooth positioning terminal's movement path and stay time, the hospital can analyze the rationality of the department settings and the medical treatment process, and can also intelligently triage according to the crowdedness of the staff in each department, improve operational efficiency and improve the satisfaction of the medical experience through process reengineering .

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