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UWB precise location helps build a digital factory

The high-precision positioning management solution of Woxu Smart Factory, with the international advanced UWB technology as the core, provides enterprises with centimeter-level high-precision positioning services. It adopts a multi-dimensional positioning mode integrating 0-dimensional existence detection, 1-dimensional linear trajectory positioning and 2-dimensional regional planar positioning to accurately locate the real-time position of people, vehicles, and objects, combined with trajectory tracking, working hours statistics, area count, electronic fence and other services Function, thereby improving the efficiency of personnel operations, assisting in improving the material management of the factory, optimizing the process flow, and improving the smart factory’s management level.

Personnel positioning: production line workers, operators, managers, quality inspectors, maintenance engineers, visitors, etc.

Goods positioning: important goods, assets, raw materials and logistics equipment (pallets, shelves, PDA), etc.

Asset/tool positioning: AGV, material trolley, forklift, tools and equipment, etc.

High positioning accuracy

Positioning accuracy can reach 30cm

Wide coverage

Enhanced mode is greater than 300 meters

Large system capacity (single area)

TOF positioning 240HZ TDOA positioning 950HZ

Strong anti-interference

Direct pulse counting, not affected by communication equipment

Multi-technology integration

5G\BLE\WLAN integration, while supporting collision avoidance

Multiple positioning methods

TOF\Upstream, Downlink TDOA\Wired Time Synchronization

Ultra low power consumption

TAG long working hours

Easy secondary development

Provide API interface to facilitate secondary development

17% improvement in workstation efficiency optimization!

Most of the U-shaped production lines at the Bosch factory rely on manpower to complete production tasks, and it is difficult to improve production efficiency. Woxu deploys UWB anchors in the production area to realize the positioning of production line workers by wearing epaulettes.The positioning results are matched with the work stations, analyzed for redundant movements based on the trajectory, and targeted for analysis and optimization.


More Ways to Use UWB Technology In Industry 4.0

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