Power Plant Solutions

Woxu uses a multi-dimensional positioning mode to help power plants achieve safety,
while also helping to improve efficiency

Greatly Improve the Safety Management Of Personnel In Power Plants!

The woxu smart power plant personnel safety management solution, with international advanced UWB technology as the core, provides centimeter-level high-precision positioning services for power plants.UWB positioning anchors is deployed in the specified area, and operators, inspectors and visitors wearing positioning tags can precisely locate the real-time location of personnel. Combined with track tracking, area quantity statistics, geo fence, intelligent inspection, video linkage and other business functions, it can availably improve the safety management efficiency of power plants.

Target: Operators, third-party operators, inspectors, visitors, etc.

Replace the tradition with technological innovation to realize the dual guarantee of safety and efficiency!

In daily safety management, due to the complex environment of the power plant, the variety of equipment and resources, and the intricate inspection routes, it is easy to cause serious personal injuries and other safety liability accidents. Therefore, Woxu customized a set of efficient and safe personnel positioning management plan for the National Energy Power Plant Taizhou, and created a set of 3D personnel positioning management platform. It uses technological innovation to realize the safety management of plant personnel and the improvement of production management efficiency.


More Ways to Use UWB Technology In Power Plant

Use Case Video

3D three-dimensional presentation visualization platform, UWB helps power plant enterprises to achieve real-time tracking of personnel trajectory, electronic fence setting reminders, etc.

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