Underground space Solutions

Affordable, easy to use, and scalable positioning system to detect people in the underground space, allowing rapid positioning and rescue in the event of a disaster.


Real-time Location Tracking Improves the Safety Management of Personnel And Productivity

The construction of underground space is changing with each passing day. In order to ensure the safety and operation and management of the tunnel, it is necessary to use advanced Internet of Things technology to improve the production environment of the tunnel and increase its risk resistance.

Woxu adopts wireless UWB positioning technology, deploys high-power positioning anchor inside the tunnel, and distributes high-power positioning tags to personnel entering the tunnel, effectively obtaining information such as the precise location of the construction personnel, and realizing the dynamic and safety management of the personnel in the tunnel. Persons wearing tags can send out distress alerts through SOS, and managers can also issue alert prompts through the platform to improve the response speed of incident rescue.

Higher positioning accuracy

UWB wireless pulse counting, with an average accuracy of 30cm

Farther coverage

Coverage radius>400m

Larger system capacity

Single area label capacity is greater than 900. System label capacity is greater than 20,000

Multi-sensor fusion

Support camera, air pressure and environmental sensing, etc.

Creating value for customers

A certain tunnel construction personnel positioning management project——The tunnel of this project is T-shaped, and the main plant is about 6 kilometers. Real-time positioning and management of tunnel construction personnel can ensure that personnel can press the SOS button to quickly send out a distress signal in an emergency.


More Ways to Use UWB Technology In Underground Space

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