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Multi-dimensional positioning mode coverage to track the real location of goods or assets in real time.


Real-time precise location of people, vehicles and objects to improve enterprise refinement management

With the international advanced UWB positioning technology as the core, woxu provides enterprises with centimeter-level high-precision positioning services. Set up UWB positioning anchors in the specified area, adopt multi-dimensional positioning mode, combine with electronic fences, track tracking and other business functions to connect with WMS warehouse management system to provide powerful data support for goods in and out, goods inventory, important asset management, intelligent scheduling, etc. .It is significantly improve the efficiency of factory warehousing operations and reduce the consumption of human resources.

Target: important goods, assets, raw materials and logistics equipment (pallets, shelves, PDA)

Easily track the actual storage of goods!

DEPPON LOGISTICS Co., LTD has multiple sorting centers across China, with high frequency of incoming and outgoing goods, large quantities, and chaotic storage of goods, and even the problems of goods loss.Normally, it is warehouse keepers who are responsible for recording the storage of goods, which leads some errors. Thus, our system combine UWB with RFID. UWB tags are deployed in PADs hold by keepers and forklifts while RFID are deployed in goods to improve data accuracy and reduce the cost of devices.

Easily track the actual storage of

Application Architecture 

The UWB positioning anchor is set up in the specified area, and the positioning tags are deployed for the people, forklifts and goods to be positioned. The tag transmits real-time location data to the LS1000 positioning engine in the background through the positioning anchor, and the positioning engine resolves the real-time location and trajectory of people/vehicles/goods through the positioning optimization algorithm to achieve real-time high-precision location.

The application platform can expand applications based on real-time positioning data to realize warehouse management, cargo inventory, valuable material supervision, personnel/vehicle scheduling, etc.


More Ways to Use UWB Technology In Warehousing Logistics

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