A subway tunnel personnel location project in Xi'an

Project Background

The construction project of a subway line in Xi'an, which runs from northeast to southwest, is an urban rail transit line mainly for traffic relief, supplemented by planning guidance and taking into account tourism traffic. In the subway construction, the main purpose is to prevent safety and assist in safety management. The owner realizes the change from "human defense" to "technology defense" through the personnel positioning system.

Demand Analysis

The system realizes real-time monitoring of people entering the tunnel and visualization of the process. The personnel on duty can view the trajectory of the personnel in real time through the platform, and the real-time personnel statistics in the tunnel. If an incident occurs, the historical trajectory can be traced afterwards, which can be used as supporting information.

Program Description

Our UWB positioning system is mainly composed of hardware (anchor, tag), positioning engine software (C/S architecture) and API interface.

The tag in the device and the anchor communicate through the UWB pulse signal, and the anchor collects the information data of the tag and forwards it to the positioning server. The data is processed by the algorithm of the positioning engine, and the accurate location information is transmitted to the upper layer application through an open API interface, i.e. the personnel positioning sub-module of the tunnel control platform.

The anchor adopts a full-coverage deployment method.

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