High-precision positioning to achieve safe management of wastewater treatment plants

Sewage treatment plant underground space, complex structure, complex treatment process, in the production process, easy to produce and gather toxic and flammable and explosive gases, bringing multiple risks to employees.

In order to ensure reasonable production, maintain the personal safety of employees, quality and quantity to complete the task of water production, it is necessary to achieve the management of dangerous sources, employee safety, production process management, multi-system integration and other functions through information technology to achieve refined management and achieve good economic and social benefits.

High precision positioning solution

1. using UWB technology to combine positioning information with personnel, statistics on on-duty time, number of on-duty workers, working hours, track inquiries, etc.
2. electronic fence, camera linkage and other functions to promptly remind employees in dangerous areas.
3. intelligent bracelet to obtain staff heart rate, blood oxygen and other vital signs data, always protect staff life safety.
4. Through UWB precise location service, realize the standardization of inspection paths to ensure that personnel inspect at the specified time according to the specified path.

3D visualization and precise positioning

3D visualization map, presenting personnel location information in 3D scenes in real time to show the production line more intuitively. Multi-view and all-round mastering of real-time data dynamics through multiple screens in the main control room. Intuitive discovery, analysis and early warning of hidden problems in the data to achieve visual management.

Double alarm mechanism to ensure personnel safety

Smart bracelet collects vital signs data (heart rate, blood oxygen, pedometer, fall) in real time, and the platform monitors and warns centrally to ensure employee safety at all times.
When the monitoring system monitors the personnel safety indicators in abnormal that is to issue an alarm, personnel can also press the SOS key to the platform to send a distress. The system can quickly and accurately locate the location of the person in distress, rescue within the golden hour and reduce accident losses.

Video linkage to achieve information interoperability and resource sharing

Sewage treatment plant supervision, monitoring systems are relatively independent, such as video monitoring systems, guest access systems, access control systems, etc., resulting in the formation of information each silo, can not provide emergency management and decision support for managers, management inefficiency.

The UWB personnel positioning system is linked with each subsystem to realize information interconnection and resource sharing, and realize comprehensive supervision through the group management mode and independent operation and maintenance of subplants to achieve refined management.

Optimize the traditional inspection mode

The traditional inspection relies on the inspection plate inspection, which is easy to miss inspection and wrong inspection. The inspection results cannot be supervised and guaranteed. Through the personnel positioning technology to optimize the traditional inspection mode, it can customize the inspection point and route, set the inspection personnel and period, and formulate the task to meet the inspection demand in an all-round way according to the inspection requirements of production equipment.

Key area electronic fence

Wastewater treatment plant equipment, key areas can not be all-round supervision, foreign visitors or non-professional personnel into the key areas are easy to misuse causing safety accidents.
Through personnel positioning technology, to solve the previous "people watching" supervision, set up electronic fences in key areas, to achieve regional permission management, to ensure that there is permission to enter the relevant area, no permission to enter the person will issue an alarm.

Value Summary

Woxu combines big data analysis and UWB positioning technology to create a high-precision employee life safety monitoring system that integrates "life safety monitoring + precise positioning of personnel", which truly realizes the safety control of personnel in wastewater plants and realizes refined management.
In the future, Woxu will further exert its technical advantages and combine its many years of technology and project experience in the industrial manufacturing industry to improve the intelligence and safety management system and build a new digital ecology for Industry 4.0.