A Large Steel Plant in Beijing Leads Intelligent Safety Management Innovation with UWB Positioning Technology

In the intelligent upgrading journey of China's iron and steel industry, a large steel plant in Beijing has become an important participant in the innovation and development of the steel industry in the era of Industry 4.0 due to its outstanding production capacity of construction steel and its key role in the diversified industrial chain. Following the pace of the national strategy, the steel plant, in the face of complex processes, extreme operating environments and fierce market competition, has the courage to break through the status quo, paying particular attention to improving personnel safety management, and is determined to achieve the goals of cost reduction, efficiency improvement and rebranding through digital transformation.

The steel plant is one of the key bases for the production of construction steel and industrial steel in China, with a complete industrial chain from sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking to rolling and deep processing products, and an annual steelmaking and rolling capacity of 10 million tons. It has made remarkable achievements in the main steel industry and other diversified fields, and has played a positive role in promoting the development of the local economy and the growth of the country's strategic industries.

However, under the traditional management mode, the steel plant faced a series of outstanding problems, such as the difficulty of accurately tracking personnel movement trajectories, insufficient regional control, low degree of standardization of work processes, loose data management, as well as high labor costs and low work efficiency. In order to solve these problems, the plant decisively adopted the advanced UWB high-precision positioning technology, and cooperated with Woxu Wireless to carry out a comprehensive and in-depth technological transformation, in order to promote the significant improvement of production efficiency, safety level and management level through the power of science and technology.


Woxu Wireless studied the environmental characteristics of the steel plant in depth, and designed a set of UWB high-precision positioning system solution for the steel plant, which is practical, safe, intelligent and cost-effective, based on its profound research background in location data digitization.

By deploying UWB positioning anchors in key areas such as raw material pretreatment workshop, raw material workshop, converter reduction workshop, waste heat boiler workshop, finished product workshop, etc., and equipping personnel and vehicles with positioning tags, the core data such as the location and action track of personnel and vehicles are captured and transmitted in real time, and then transmitted to the backstage management system via wired Ethernet to realize the tracking of production equipments, the centralized control of safety risks, the high-precision positioning of personnel, and visualized production management. positioning of personnel and visualized production control.

It creates a new management mode of data interconnection and information sharing to replace the traditional production mode, thus realizing the comprehensive transformation of informationization, visualization, intelligence and refined management.

Key Features

▶ Real-time accurate positioning of people and vehicles
Woxu Wireless UWB positioning system can track the location of people, vehicles and raw materials in the area in real time and accurately up to 50cm, provide 2D/3D mode switching display, and accurately divide the area by floors, to ensure the safety of the operators and data visualization.

▶ 3D Visualization Management
The system displays the complex production site in 3D, reflecting the equipment status, personnel activities and production events in real time, enabling the management to intuitively grasp the overall situation and facilitating timely and scientific decision-making.

▶ Track playback and heat map analysis
Through real-time recording and playback of personnel and vehicle trajectories, combined with heat map analysis, the system helps steel mills to accurately determine the areas of dense human and logistic flows, optimize resource allocation, reduce congestion and improve production efficiency.

▶ Electronic Fence and Early Warning Alarm
For dangerous areas or key locations, the system can flexibly set up electronic fences to provide real-time warnings for violations, linkage with broadcasting and video surveillance systems to ensure that safety regulations are strictly enforced and effectively prevent safety accidents from occurring.

▶ Abnormal Behavior Monitoring and Emergency Response
The system closely monitors the number and status of personnel in the area, provides early warning for abnormal behaviors such as lack of personnel, overcrowding, overstaying, etc. Once a high-risk situation is detected, the emergency response plan is immediately activated, and on-site personnel can call for help at the touch of a button, and evacuation commands are given by management personnel.

▶ Intelligent Inspection and Control
The system presets inspection tasks and records the inspection path and length of stay, forming a detailed inspection report. Combined with video monitoring, it strengthens the supervision and assessment of the inspection process, thus enhancing the level of safety management.

▶ Health Monitoring and Smart Attendance
Through smart watches and other location tags, real-time monitoring of employees' vital signs data, to protect the safety of operations, at the same time, the location information is associated with the attendance information, to realize the automatic statistics of employee attendance, flexible setting of electronic roll-call area, real-time view and statistics of the number of personnel in each area, to improve the efficiency of management.

The UWB high-precision positioning system of Woxu Wireless is like a bridge that closely connects every piece of equipment, every employee and every link of the steel plant, forming a brand new management mode of data interconnection and information sharing, and giving the steel production process unprecedented transparency and intelligence. This innovative move not only significantly improves the plant's production efficiency and safety production capacity, but also strongly promotes the plant's intelligent transformation and high-quality development in the context of the new era, and sets a new benchmark for the digitalization path of the entire steel industry.