Application of AP+UWB fusion positioning in a power plant in Hangzhou

Project Background

In the production process of power generation enterprises, unsafe human behavior is a key pain point in production safety management, such as personnel operation violations, lack of supervision of outsourced personnel, and difficulty in confirming the arrival of personnel in place.

In the face of this challenge, a power generation company under Huadian Group introduced for the first time an indoor high-precision positioning solution based on the fusion of Huawei AP and Nanjing Woxu UWB, on the basis of building an intrinsically safe intelligent security monitoring system and an intrinsically safe control platform.

This solution can realize the accurate positioning of personnel, interoperability and interconnection of information between systems, and build an integrated platform for intrinsic safety, thus comprehensively improving and perfecting the intrinsic safety of power plants.

AP+UWB dual-network fusion, giving effect to 1+1>2

The AP+UWB fusion indoor high-precision positioning solution tightly couples Woxu's UWB ultra-wideband positioning technology with Huawei's wireless AP, using Huawei's mature network channel as the UWB transmission medium to simultaneously meet the functions of real-time accurate positioning and wireless coverage, bringing direct and significant benefits in terms of customer equipment investment and deployment cost reduction.

In the area covered by the power plant, the high-precision positioning system based on Woxu's UWB technology achieves accurate positioning of personnel by distributing UWB positioning tags to outside personnel, operators and inspectors. At the same time, the location data is associated with various subsystems and IoT hardware devices, and through some pre-set business judgment logic, the plant's intrinsic safety management level is further improved to achieve the goal of "full-area visibility and full-control".

●  Interaction between the personnel positioning system and the 3D platform
The personnel positioning system is interfaced with the 3D platform to realize the positioning of personnel in the power plant area, providing timely and accurate visualization of the number, location and distribution of personnel in the work area in 3D, and playback of the location and trajectory of personnel.

Electronic fence active alarm

In the power plant according to different security levels for different operating areas, some security-sensitive areas, there are restrictions on the entry and exit of personnel requirements. The site electronic fence combined with personnel location management, when unauthorized people are found to enter the area, immediately issued a two-way alarm, and linkage cameras present video images, so as to reduce the incidence of safety accidents at the construction site, to protect the safety of the workforce.

Integration of personnel positioning system and two tickets

The traditional two-ticket management lacks high correlation with time and space. In this project, we use the accurate location data as the support, and closely integrate with the two-ticket system to realize the accurate control of the whole process of "supervision", "error prevention" and "integration" of operation and maintenance of the two tickets.

Value Summary

1)The first digital power plant project that adopts wireless AP + UWB positioning, which can achieve wireless coverage and positioning functions at the same time and directly reduce equipment deployment costs.

2)Through the UWB high-precision positioning system, the whole process control of outsiders, visitors and operators can realize real-time information, process control, operation standardization and effective control of safety risks in the essential safety management of power plants.