Background of the Project

"In the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, accelerating digital development and building a digital China has become a priority for national and local enterprises and institutions, while at the same time, the "carbon neutral" and "carbon peak" At the same time, the "Carbon Neutral" and "Carbon Peaking" targets have set the direction of technological development for sustainable development of enterprises. As a participant in the digitalisation and carbon neutrality process, Wuxu Communications is committed to creating a new digital economy by integrating its location data services with various cutting-edge technologies.

Recently, the innovative solution of UWB + e-paper fusion undertaken by Wuxu Communications was officially launched in the production workshop of Chuanqi Optoelectronics. Through the perfect combination of location data and e-paper, the digitalisation, transparency and paperlessness of the manufacturing process and site have been realised, greatly enhancing production efficiency while reducing management difficulties.

Transformation of "paperless intelligent factory" is imminent

Ltd. is a typical electronic equipment manufacturing plant, established by E-Ink Yuantai Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Yongfeng Yu Group, which is a global leader in the electronic paper industry. The sweeping wave of digitisation and the rapidly changing market demand in the face of it has prompted Chuanchi Optoelectronics Industrial Park to move towards digitisation.

With years of experience in the IoT industry and precise solutions for multiple business scenarios, Wuxu Communications was recognized by the client and the two parties worked together to complete the upgrade of the "paperless smart factory" transformation.

Electronic equipment manufacturing plant management problems in what?

  • 1. general electronic equipment manufacturing plant is a clean workshop, there are anti-static requirements, real-time communication equipment is prohibited to bring into the workshop, the use of the traditional broadcast method to find people difficult.
  • 2. Because of the large area of the production workshop, a large number of material trolleys will be used, which are prone to disorderly parking, scheduling difficulties, finding difficulties and other problems in management, making the material trolley utilization rate low, thus leading to low production efficiency.
  • 3. At present, each work order in the workshop is in the form of printing barcode barcodes, which has high labour cost and paper cost and is not environmentally friendly; moreover, each work order production process goes through multiple processes and requires manual scanning of the code in the production line to update the work order status in time, which not only increases the workload for the production line workers, but also makes the work order status update untimely.

"UWB+electronic paper" creates paperless intelligent workshop for Chuanqi Optoelectronics

With the help of Woxu's "UWB+Electronic Paper" centimeter-level positioning solution, UWB positioning base stations are deployed in the production workshop, and personnel, material trolleys and pallets wear ink-bound positioning tags. MES system. The data is fed back to the MES system through an open API. The whole process of locating related objects, using the positioning system to push data in real time, realizes the visualisation and paperless management of the whole process from parts to assembly, and realises the goal of "carbon neutral" development.

Employees wearing the ink screen work tag positioning tags can quickly find people through real-time location data, but also through the virtual electronic fence, the staff within the fence for the work time statistics. In case of emergency, the management can send messages to the tag through the platform, and the workshop staff can send and receive messages quickly to confirm. Docking with the MES system and correlating the task work order, thus automatically statistics on the labour cost of the work order and the timeliness of the task completion, to help managers further optimize production management.

The ink screen material label replaces the paper barcode and is bound to the work order, presenting material information such as work order number, material number, current process and good or bad information, avoiding errors caused by paper work, reducing material loss and saving labour costs.

At the same time, in the management of material trolleys, the real-time location of the material trolleys can be quickly viewed through the on-site signage, making it easy to find the trolleys quickly. This not only improves the utilisation rate of the material trolleys, but also enhances the operational management efficiency of the factory.

The various sizes of E-ink electronic paper produced in the workshop are subject to multiple production processes. Through real-time positioning, the process time of each work order is counted and when the status of the process changes (known in the factory as "overstops"), WPAS will synchronise this information to the MES system. The system provides accurate statistics on the length of time a work order or product has been in each process, providing an accurate and reliable basis for efficiency analysis and optimisation by the upper MES and BI.