Baosteel Ironmaking Inspection Staff Positioning Management Project

The industrial furnace in the ironmaking production area is a kind of high-temperature equipment, which is closely connected with fuel oil, gas, electric energy and dust, and it is easy to cause accidents such as fire, burns, explosions, poisoning and electric shock. When workers operate, they are not only subject to dust, but sometimes they are directly exposed to high temperature, soot, toxic gas and corrosion of steel materials, which is very dangerous. Therefore, great importance should be attached to the safety of personnel operating in the ironmaking area. Baosteel Group proposes to install a personnel positioning management system in the ironmaking production area, so as to improve the level and efficiency of production safety management and reduce the probability of safety accidents.

The ironmaking personnel positioning management system adopts UWB ultra-wideband technology to achieve the positioning of the ironmaking workshop inspection personnel through the coverage of the ironmaking workshop to ensure personnel safety and avoid operation hazards. Based on the personnel location data, it realizes the statistics of the number of personnel in the furnace, inspection trajectory, electronic fence alarm, access control swipe card, etc., which intuitively and timely reflects the site situation and personnel status of the iron and steel industry, thus improving the strength and efficiency of personnel safety protection

1)Real-time location display: the location coordinates of the inspection personnel are displayed on the map in real time, and for the edge of the device area (generally roads), no mis-positioning can occur, and personnel outside the device cannot be mistakenly positioned inside the device.

2)Active alarm: personnel in danger can be actively alarmed by the SOS function button that comes with the tag label, and if the alarm is confirmed, the background can implement quick rescue according to the location of the personnel to ensure the safety of the personnel.

3)Personnel history track: you can view the activity track of the inspection personnel, and according to the name of the personnel, time period for track playback, to provide a decision basis for event processing.

4)Electronic fence: custom electronic fence, for part of the dangerous area, according to the personnel authority to determine whether access, detection of illegal entry system to give timely alarm; for the personnel with authority to detect the stationary personnel in the area, when the personnel have not been active for a long time system to give alarm information.

5)Analysis of the number of people in the area: the number of people in the furnace can be counted, and display the time of people in and out of the furnace.

6)Access control system: Based on the characteristics of the system's high-precision positioning, positioning equipment can be added at the entrance of the ironmaking to achieve the auxiliary function of time and attendance, recording the entry and exit of personnel and recording the time.