Conch Cement Plant People Location Project

Project Background

With the promotion of Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 strategy, Quanjiao Conch carries out the construction of smart factory demonstration project to realize the high integration of automation and informationization. Through 3D digitalization, UWB personnel positioning and other technologies, various data of production, equipment, safety and environmental protection, product quality, video monitoring, etc. are integrated to build a visualized, integrated and intelligent 3D digital intelligent control platform.

Technology Solution

Quanjiao Conch adopts the personnel positioning management system based on Woxu's UWB positioning technology to locate the operators performing production activities in the production area, which is about 150,000 square meters. The system covers: 1#&2# kiln head and kiln tail area, rotary kiln, preheating tower, coal shed, limestone shed, coal mill, limestone mill, cement mill, bulk area, bagging area and waste heat generation area. It is necessary to show the location and movement trajectory of personnel in 3D in real time, linkage with video and access control system, etc. to realize the supervision of personnel behavior in the production area.

Solution realization

1) 3D positioning display: Real-time position data of personnel is displayed in 3D effect, and the layered position data of personnel can be viewed in real time and integrated to the large screen display.

2) Precise positioning of personnel: real-time display of the location information and activity trajectory of the personnel working in the production area, and the name, shift, position and personnel distribution of the personnel can be displayed on the platform.

3) History track query: It can provide the history track of the hierarchical personnel and can play back the query according to the name, time period, etc.

4) Electronic fence alarm: By setting electronic fence in important areas, the system will immediately warn once personnel cross the boundary without authorization or stay.

5) Video linkage: The positioning system is linked with the camera, and the location information of the personnel is sent to the location server. Through data docking with the monitoring server of the video monitoring system, when the electronic fence is triggered or the personnel initiates a key emergency help, the system can immediately pop up the scene monitoring screen, which is convenient for the management to understand the scene and make quick decisions.

6) Access Control System: Combined with the access control system, it can realize personnel attendance and quantity statistics.

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