Deji Art Museum, UWB positioning technology brings you a different immersive experience

Project Background

DEJI ART MUSEUM is a non-profit art institution founded by the DEJI Group. Relying on the historical heritage and rich cultural heritage of Nanjing, DEJI ART MUSEUM is based on the local community and facing the world in a global context, exploring new models of art museums with an open attitude and cutting-edge vision. In 2019, the Deji Art Museum has proposed a comprehensive upgrade, which is based on the Jinling Tu, and has taken over two years to create an unprecedented "meta-universe" world with nearly 400 staff members. -The Digital Art Exhibition of the Jinling Map is a subversive and innovative exhibition that recreates the "Beautiful Land of the South, the Golden Land of the Emperors".

Implementation Plan

A UWB base station developed by Wuxu was deployed in the Deji Art Museum area. Visitors will receive a positioning bracelet from the smart rental counter to achieve accurate positioning of the visitor's location, and the location data obtained will be combined with Unity3D, video, audio, hand games and other systems to "mirror" into the screen of the Jinling Tu digital art exhibition, to achieve "characters into the painting, real-time The interactive mode of viewing the exhibition is to create a "meta-universe" of Jinling City that is parallel to the real world.

In addition to the interactive experience of "characters entering the painting and following in real time", Wuxu's UWB high-precision positioning system can also trigger hotspot information and scene sound effects when visitors reach a designated area, immersing them in a carefully created environment and giving them the feeling of being in a virtual world.

In addition, to ensure the safety of the audience, the location data can also identify the red line area, if the audience is too close to the screen, or into the prohibited area positioning bracelet will immediately send a vibration to remind the audience.

When the visitor reaches the exit the bracelet will vibrate to remind the visitor to return the bracelet in time, and the exit gate will also recognise if the visitor is carrying the bracelet, if so the gate will not be opened and the bracelet will vibrate to remind the visitor to return the bracelet. If a visitor leaves the venue by force with the bracelet, the bracelet will notify the backstage staff and locate the visitor's information, making the control of the exhibition hall more intelligent.

Customer Summary

UWB positioning technology, a new generation of highly sophisticated IoT technology, has been used for the first time in an "immersive" pavilion and has achieved good results, creating an unprecedented viewing mode for the Deji Art Museum.