Focusing on digital transformation, Woxu enables the development of smart manufacturing

At present, the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change is advancing deeply, and the digital technology is maturing, spreading and integrating, driving the manufacturing industry to undergo profound changes and accelerate the transformation to digitalization and intelligence. In the process of digital transformation, the manufacturing industry faces the problem of the last mile.

To promote the digitalization of intelligent manufacturing industry, it is crucial to use new technologies and applications to transform the traditional manufacturing industry in an all-round and whole-chain way, improve production efficiency, bring into play the multiplier effect of digital technology on economic development, continuously enhance the resilience and elasticity of industrial chain and supply chain, and accelerate the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

Project background and demand

As the only old national enterprise with comprehensive design capability in the whole transportation industry, Huashe Group's Yancheng Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park has a vast area with four functional areas, including concrete mixing area, steel processing area, precast component production area and precast component storage area.

In addition, two substructure production lines are laid out in the park, which can produce prefabricated components such as columns and cover beams. Three superstructure production lines can produce various types of prefabricated components such as combined box girders, plate girders, ding girders and bridge deck plates.

In the face of many complex production links, how to ensure the safety of the operation of personnel and vehicles in the park has become one of the urgent problems to be solved in the digital management of precast production in Huasian.


For the construction of digital management in Yancheng Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park of Huashie, Woxu UWB centimeter-level positioning solution was introduced and UWB positioning anchors were deployed in the production area. Personnel and vehicles wear binding positioning tags, and the computing engine collects electronic tag information and calculates their accurate location data, linking the location data with the factory digital twin system through an open API to achieve full lifecycle control of personnel and vehicle operations, effectively preventing safety accidents and effectively improving supervision efficiency.

01 Casting digital twin safety system to strengthen high-performance safety management

UWB centimeter-level technology is used to locate associated objects throughout the process, and real-time push data from the positioning system is used to achieve personnel safety control and vehicle speeding alerts, further enhancing safety production capacity.

Through real-time control of the location of personnel and vehicles within a specific range, a variety of functional applications such as real-time positioning, track tracking, distance monitoring, area delineation, and safety warning are derived based on the mastered location data.

In the digital twin security system, the real-time location and trajectory of employees can be viewed in real time to achieve daily visualization management, and in case of critical situations, the escape route and rescue plan can be quickly viewed through the central console and formulated in the shortest possible time to improve rescue response efficiency.

02 Focus on digital manufacturing, improve the overall operational efficiency

The collected location data of personnel and vehicles are linked with the digital twin security system and displayed in the command center to realize the fine management of personnel and vehicles and make the scheduling arrangement more reasonable, thus improving the overall operation efficiency of the whole park.

With customer demand as the guide and strong R&D strength and practical experience to empower intelligent manufacturing, Woxu provides guarantee for Huashicheng Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, and the location data operation and maintenance of people, equipment and materials in the space greatly improves the operation efficiency and safety guarantee of the enterprise.

Up to now, based on UWB centimeter-level positioning solutions, Woxu wireless has provided safe, reliable, differentiated and personalized solutions for many industries such as electronics manufacturing, mining and extraction, iron and steel metallurgy, ports and electric power, etc. Nearly a thousand cases have been landed in China, empowering the development of digital transformation of enterprises.

In the future, Woxu will still actively explore different application scenarios of digital transformation of intelligent manufacturing, and strive to become a pioneer of intelligent manufacturing technology innovation, a provider of intelligent manufacturing solutions, and a reliable enabler of digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises, to focus on empowering intelligent manufacturing, to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, and to make greater contributions to the realization of Made in China 2025 and the construction of a strong manufacturing country.