From location to safety. See how precise positioning + health monitoring can be "1+1>2" effective

In the industrial sector, management companies want to be able to see the real-time location and history of their employees in real time, and to analyse intelligent assessments in terms of time on duty and other dimensions. At the same time, in specific high-risk areas, they want to be able to monitor the health data of personnel, so that they can respond in a timely manner when a dangerous situation arises.

In the field of government and enterprise pavilions, managers want to know the trajectory and location of employees and visitors to monitor in real time, track playback, electronic fence, into the key areas or prohibited areas alarm, etc..

In the medical field, many hospitals promote the "patient-centred" management concept and establish various application systems to meet the needs of patients. However, the simple identification of plastic bracelets does not allow for the monitoring of patients. It is not possible to keep track of the patient's location in real time, and when a patient has an abnormality, such as a fall or other abnormality caused by their condition, medical care cannot be detected in time.

How to position management and guarding the health status of personnel has become a problem that needs to be solved by enterprises and institutions.

Based on UWB positioning technology and combining the latest technology of wearable products, Nanjing Wuxu Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has integrated it into the design concept of the product.

UT-224 smartwatch is a personnel positioning tag developed by Woxu Communication Technology Co., Ltd. based on UWB technology, which is mainly used for precise positioning and vital signs monitoring of personnel, escorting the safety and health of personnel. It locates the real-time location of the wearer and monitors and manages his physiological health status. It can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted activity track real-time monitoring, danger alarm, physical status heart rate and blood pressure abnormal alarm, SOS emergency one-touch alarm, etc. The management centre can quickly determine the identity and location through the backstage and implement quick rescue services.

  • Full-touch display
  • - Equipped with 1.54 inch full touch display, supporting heart rate, blood oxygen, pedometer data as well as time, power, short messages, etc., with Chinese and English display and full colour touch screen for simple operation.
  • Signs monitoring, a breakthrough and innovation in health functions
  • - Advanced sensors, always monitoring your heart rate, blood oxygen and pedometer data, all-weather intelligent monitoring of physical signs, all-round guarding your health. If abnormalities are found, the watch will be alerted in time.
  • Indoor and outdoor real-time positioning
  • - Unique centimetre-level positioning and detection of identity.
    - Supports fuzzy search by name, position, etc.
    - Statistical display of location, alarms and environment by area.
  • Early warning of unsafe behaviour recognition
  • - Falling from height, falling object strikes, abnormal heart rate, blood oxygen, pedometer, etc., down alarms as well as fall alarms with vibration, beeping and other prompts
    - Dual alarms for tag side and monitoring side
    - Support for alarm record compound query
  • SOS emergency call for help
  • - When people are in danger or feel uncomfortable, they can take the initiative to call for help with one key SOS
    - The system pops up alarm information in real time, and the person in charge of safety and emergency events can lock the alarm departure location, link the scene monitoring screen and implement on-site rescue, which greatly fights for the patient's rescue time and reduces the probability of accidents.
  • IP67 protection level
  • - High protection level, to meet the needs of various application scenarios, can be widely used in Industry 4.0, medical, government and enterprise pavilions and justice and other fields.

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