Huawei AP+UWB Fusion Solution | Fintech Positioning Solution for Indoor Positioning Applications

Project Background

To address the pressing challenges faced by banks, merchants and consumers, a FinTech innovation research lab was conceived by leading companies in the financial sector. As contactless payments, blockchain and more continue to make progress and FinTech plays a growing role in the financial ecosystem, companies are exploring ways to leverage technology to solve problems and uncover new opportunities.

Since 2019, the application of UWB high-precision positioning technology has been gaining attention in the IoT field, and is favored by various industries due to its high accuracy and security. For this project, a joint innovation lab of a bank and Huawei has also leveraged UWB high-precision location services by conducting research on the application direction of indoor positioning technology. Happily, new major breakthroughs were achieved in the segments of sensorless payment, vault management, and pledge warehouse management.

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UWB high-precision positioning helps laboratory innovation research

Woxu centimeter-level high-precision positioning system, with UWB technology as the core, obtains the precise location of personnel and materials in the building in real time with an accuracy of up to 10 cm by equipping personnel and materials with UWB tags. in addition to the hardware part, the WPAS location business management platform provides the convenience of visual presentation, query and analysis. By setting a virtual trigger area in the platform, the location data can be associated with other sensors or platforms for events.

Woxu WPAS location business convergence management platform

In some special scenarios of banks, such as pledge warehouses and vaults as key areas of concern, their management and supervision are more traditional, and the technical defense is single. Nowadays, through the support of UWB technology, once personnel and assets are bound with electronic tags, it becomes much simpler to track their whereabouts and real-time control. The management platform achieves all-round data collection by pre-setting some business judgment logic and combining with other IOT sensor devices like monitoring. Combined with AI artificial intelligence algorithm, to achieve personnel/asset behavior analysis, etc., it provides more basis and data foundation for digital supervision of Construction Bank.

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"Huawei Wifi 6 + UWB" strong combination to achieve dual network integration

The "Huawei WIFI 6 + UWB" dual-network wisdom solution is a combination of Woxu UWB positioning technology and Huawei wireless AP, using Huawei's mature network channel as the transmission medium for UWB positioning data, and based on the analysis of highly accurate positioning data, it can fully meet the digital, wireless and IOT construction in multiple scenarios. It can fully meet the digitalization, wirelessization, and IOT construction in multiple scenarios.

The combination of UWB positioning technology and wireless AP not only meets the functions of wireless coverage and real-time positioning at the same time, but also brings direct and significant benefits in the reduction of customer equipment investment and deployment costs.

Built-in UWB plug-in card UM-218

As a Huawei ecological partner, Woxu has been committed to enhancing the digital transformation of various industries together with Huawei. Currently, the "Huawei AP+UWB" solution is being used in many scenarios such as smart parks, smart manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, public prosecution and law enforcement, and smart new retail.

Value Summary

The introduction of UWB high-precision positioning technology in this innovation lab is a new attempt to apply indoor positioning technology in the financial industry. With the continuous breakthrough in seeking business, process and technology, it is believed that it is bound to bring a new direction of business application development and is expected to achieve good results in promoting the agile transformation of banks and further consolidate the core competitiveness.