Safety Management of Personnel Location in a Hunan Chemical Plant

In the rapidly developing industrial field, safety is always given top priority. Especially in high-risk environments such as chemical plants, the need for safety management is even more urgent.

A chemical plant in Hunan Province is the first enterprise in China to produce ε-hexane industrially, and its production scale of 5,000 tons/year as well as its supporting fine ring and solvent production units have undoubtedly set a new benchmark in the industry.

As the first high-tech enterprise in China to realize the industrialization of complete sets of technologies for ε-caprolactone, polycaprolactone polyol and polycaprolactone (PCL) derivatives, it has not only made remarkable achievements in the production of ε-caprolactone and its derivatives, but also constantly seeks breakthroughs and innovations in safety management.

As a domestic high-tech enterprise realizing the industrialization of complete sets of technologies for ε-caprolactone, polycaprolactone polyol and polycaprolactone (PCL) derivatives, it has not only made remarkable achievements in the production of ε-caprolactone and its derivatives, but also constantly seeks breakthroughs and innovations in safety management.

Customer's Pain Points

As a high-risk production site, chemical plants involve hazardous chemicals with significant flammable, explosive and harmful characteristics. Complex process equipment, control systems, and high temperature and pressure continuous operation environment make safety accidents such as explosions, fires, and toxic gas leaks extremely easy to occur. These accidents not only lead to huge property losses, but also pose a serious threat to the safety of personnel, so the safety management and risk prevention and control of chemical plants are of vital importance.

(1) Difficulty in people and vehicle management:
lack of visual personnel trajectory analysis, illegal intrusion of people/visitors, area control cannot be informed of abnormal personnel behavior in time;

(2) Insufficient operation management standardization:
insufficient operation process and regulatory standardization, resulting in cumbersome filing of operation information and difficulty in tracing;

(3) Hidden danger management:
in the current inspection system, there is a lack of a set of scientific and reasonable methods to assess the quality of the inspection process, which leads to some potential safety hazards being ignored. Meanwhile, the reporting and verification of hidden dangers is confusing and inefficient, which increases the difficulty and time cost of dealing with hidden dangers.

In order to cope with these challenges, chemical plants not only need to improve the traditional safety management measures, but also need to use advanced technology to improve the level of safety management.


Woxu Wireless has crafted a set of personnel positioning solution for the special environment of this chemical plant, taking into account the three elements of safety, intelligence and cost-effectiveness. The solution utilizes advanced network intelligence system, through the deployment of Woxu UWB explosion-proof positioning anchor and non-explosion-proof anchor in the key production areas, to realize the precise positioning of the personnel in the key production areas in a wide range, high precision and large capacity, with an accuracy of up to 10cm, which can effectively solve the problems of the chemical plant's personnel management, inspection management, and emergency management, etc. Meanwhile, it can help it improve its safety management in multiple dimensions.

At the same time, it assists it to improve the level of safety control in multiple dimensions, reduce the incidence of accidents and improve the efficiency of emergency rescue, ensuring the safety of chemical plant operators from multiple dimensions. This not only improves the intelligent level of site management, but also provides a strong guarantee for the safe production of the enterprise, which fully demonstrates the excellent ability of Woxu Wireless in technological innovation and practical application.

Functional application

● Real-time accurate positioning of personnel Real-time location monitoring of the positioning object through 2D/3D map, mastering the personnel dynamics at any time, clearly locating the current position of the operating personnel, realizing the safe and controllable work of the operating personnel, visualization of data presentation, and a significant increase in the ability of safety management and control.

● Three-dimensional visualization It builds a visualized, integrated and intelligent three-dimensional digital intelligent control platform to help enterprises realize equipment status visualization, personnel status visualization and information event visualization, improve production management efficiency, and thus gain an advantageous position in the industry competition.

● Historical track playback The system will record the action track of personnel in each time period, and the user can visualize track playback through the viewing operation of each track to realize the function of historical event retrospective.

● Dangerous area automatic alarm By setting up electronic fences, it effectively prevents personnel from mistakenly entering forbidden areas and violating operations, and improves the ability of area control. For key monitoring areas, the system is able to intelligently identify abnormal personnel behavior, such as staying overtime or failing to reach the specified time, and instantly issue an alarm. In the automated operation area, once a person breaks into the area, the system will immediately sound the alarm, and you can view the scene in real time through the video linkage to realize intelligent management.

● SOS one key for help Personnel in an emergency can call for help through the SOS button on the Woxu high-precision positioning tag, the system automatically and quickly determine the location of personnel in the alarm area, so as to realize the security and rescue forces of the nearby scheduling and rapid response.

● Intelligent Inspection Management The system supports intelligent inspection management, using high-precision positioning technology, can be preset inspection tasks, and record the path trajectory of the inspector and the length of stay at the point, automatically generate detailed inspection reports, the whole process of monitoring the inspection process, to ensure the quality of work. At the same time, combined with the security cameras to achieve video linkage, the central control room management background can easily access the regional monitoring screen, effectively saving manpower and material resources, and significantly improve management efficiency.

● One-key evacuation When there is a danger in an area that requires evacuation of personnel, ground dispatchers or system managers can send emergency evacuation notices to the personnel in the dangerous area, and the personnel in the dangerous area can receive the "evacuation" signal.

● Area Statistics Accurately counting the number of personnel and specific personnel information in the whole plant and a certain area (e.g., working face), so as to buy more time for emergency rescue.

Case Summary

With the advanced UWB technology and customized solutions, Woxu Wireless empowered the chemical plant to reduce risks and improve operational efficiency, while comprehensively safeguarding its most valuable asset - employee safety. It has successfully built a visualized, integrated and intelligent 3D digital intelligent control platform, which provides all-round support for the chemical plant's safe production.

In the future, Woxu will continue to be committed to facing the challenges of industrial safety and efficiency, providing practical solutions to ensure safety, improve efficiency, and give enterprises peace of mind.