Silicon steel production line inspection personnel positioning project

Project background

With the market development and increasing demand, China's steel enterprises are developing towards large-scale, and dangerous scenes are increasing. For example, the silicon steel scene, silicon steel workshop covers a large area, and some areas are multi-layer type steel structure. At the same time, there are many important equipment inspection points in the workshop, and there are also some daily work on heights, which makes the danger factor increase. Baosteel Group proposes to install a personnel positioning management system in the silicon steel workshop to improve the production safety management level and efficiency and reduce the probability of safety accidents.

Technical Solution

Baosteel's silicon steel production line covers an area of 22,500 square meters and has three floors of fully automated production lines. The positioning area of Woxu's personnel positioning system is from the 1st to the 3rd floor, with 2-dimensional positioning on the ground floor and 1-dimensional positioning on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Through the full coverage of the 3-layer production line, it realizes the positioning of production line inspection personnel, production line headcount statistics, inspection trajectory, electronic fence alarm and video linkage and other functions, which intuitively and timely reflect the site situation and personnel status of the steel industry and improve the strength and efficiency of personnel safety protection.

Program realization

1) Real-time location display: The location of inspection personnel is displayed on the map in real time, including the names of personnel, shift names and quantities; the distribution of personnel in each department in the current positioning area can be easily understood through the department display.

2) Inspection track: You can query the real-time location information and activity track of personnel, and support historical retrieval and replay.

3) Electronic fence: customize the virtual fence, set the dangerous area and restricted area, once a person enters the dangerous or non-authorized area, alarm information will be issued.

4) SOS alarm: When personnel encounter danger, press the tag with its own SOS alarm, which can promptly send alarm information to the management platform, providing the business management system with the data support required for personnel first aid and active alarm.

5) Video linkage: Real-time location system and camera linkage fusion, managers can view the site conditions and personnel distribution in the plant in real time.

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