Technology and Civilization: Exploring the Future of Digital Pavilion Optimized Version

The "metaverse" is one of the hot spots that major Internet oligopolies have been vying for in recent years, and there may be a thousand "metaverse" in the eyes of a thousand people. Some explorers of "metaverse" focus on space-time breakthroughs, allowing people to realize "impossible" interactions in the real world, such as meeting and talking with people on the other side of the world virtually, or having "close encounters" with their favorite stars in the exhibition hall anytime and anywhere. "up close and personal" with your favorite celebrity in the pavilion.

The "Jinling" at the Deji Art Museum is the hottest space-time interactive experience in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, and is visited by a steady stream of visitors every day. On the 110-meter-long, 3.6-meter-high screen, the museum realizes the world's first interactive exhibition mode of "characters entering the painting and following it in real time", which allows visitors to experience the first-person perspective of the painting and the infinite splendor of the Golden Age, making the immersive experience more realistic and vivid.

Positioning and interaction technology is the key to realize the characters in the painting of "The Golden Tomb". In order to allow the audience to immerse themselves in the exhibition, from "visiting" to "participating", Deji Art Museum has made a breakthrough by introducing the IoT UWB high-precision positioning system provided by Woxu Wireless into the art exhibition of "The Picture of Jinling".

Walk into the Deji Art Museum, download the "Deji APP" and enter the cell phone program to create a role.

Wearing the UWB positioning bracelet of Woxu Wireless, entering the main hall and triggering the interaction point, people can "personally" be in the living environment of the ancient people of Jinling in the Song Dynasty and live with various virtual characters around them in any role. When the characters reach the designated position, the cell phone will jump to the mini-game, and the viewer will acquire knowledge about the social life, economy, culture and education of the Song Dynasty in the form of a game, which is a great experience.

The realization of "Jinling Tu" project character following is based on Woxu Wireless UWB indoor high precision positioning technology. The whole interaction process is realized through the bracelet --> Anchor --> large screen, so as to achieve the effect of human-computer interaction and character following in the painting.

Spatio-temporal interaction

After the audience enters the exhibition hall, the character it creates appears on the big screen in real time and follows the audience to walk, reaching a certain area to trigger the knowledge point, and the cell phone terminal gets a prompt. The whole big screen is presented in 3D dynamically, activating different storylines and acquiring interesting knowledge about Nanjing in the Song Dynasty according to the audience's walking path.

Safety warning

To ensure the safety of the audience, alarm areas are set up, such as the audience is too close to the screen, entering the prohibited area, carrying a bracelet to leave the venue, etc. The positioning bracelet will immediately send out a vibration reminder will also be the first time to notify the backstage personnel, and locate the audience information, so that the exhibition hall control more intelligent.

Intelligent Experience

The UWB high-precision positioning system can also trigger hotspot information, special scene sound effects and special animation effects after the audience reaches the designated area and location, so as to experience the leisure entertainment activities of the ancient people in Song Dynasty, such as showing off skills on the rope, talking about opera under the shed, interpreting fortune telling, throwing pots and fighting for wine, etc., so that the audience can be immersed in the carefully created environmental atmosphere and have a feeling of being in the virtual world.

With the expansion of connection technology and objects, as well as the upgrading of various technical infrastructures, new industries and new models such as "meta-universe" will continue to emerge, and a new space for human development is being accelerated with the interplay of digital and real worlds. With its technical advantages in the field of high-precision positioning, Woxu has built benchmark projects with its partners, such as Smart Hangzhou International Expo Center and Deji Art Museum, to help digital transformation and promote the construction of "Digital China".

However, the application of UWB high-precision positioning system is not only limited to the above, but also can be combined with acoustic positioning anchor and cell phone APP to realize cell phone store anti-theft; use positioning tag and Bluetooth headset to realize intelligent voice guide for digital exhibition hall; use the perfect combination of UWB anchor and tag to present the heat map of the venue to provide strong crowd control for the venue. guarantee.

Cell phone store anti-theft

Digital pavilion audio guide

Venue Heat Map

The success of projects such as the Deji Art Museum represents the multifunctional application of UWB positioning technology in the field of digital pavilions, opening up a new horizon for the digital transformation of the urban innovation ecology for sustainable development. It also provides strong support for promoting diversified interaction methods, promoting people-oriented intelligent applications and establishing dynamic, people-oriented and full-cycle intelligent city operation mechanism.