UWB Positioning Technology Guards Wastewater Treatment and Water Purification Front line

Water resources are the source of our life and an important material resource indispensable for human survival and development. However, in modern industrial society, the discharge of large amounts of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage has caused serious pollution of the environment, as well as the waste and destruction of water resources.

In order to alleviate this vicious circle of sewage pollution, it is necessary to use sewage treatment technology to treat industrial wastewater and domestic sewage, and reuse the purified water, which not only improves the efficiency of water resources, but also plays a good role in protecting the environment.

Due to the pollution characteristics of sewage, sewage treatment plant has the characteristics of large underground space, complex structure, and complex sewage treatment process. In the daily production process of wastewater treatment plant, it is easy to produce and gather hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane and other toxic, flammable and explosive gases, which brings multiple risks such as poisoning and asphyxiation to the frontline operators.

Analysis of safety management pain points in sewage treatment plants

1. Personnel safety is difficult to guarantee

The underground space in the sewage treatment plant has a complex structure, and it is difficult to enquire about the real-time position and track of the staff. In the storage of sewage, sludge and other poorly ventilated space is prone to methane and hydrogen aggregation, which can lead to fire and explosion in case of ignition sources, and the safety of the staff can not be effectively supervised and guaranteed.

2. Key areas cannot be supervised

There are many production environment equipment in the plant, the key areas can not be supervised in all directions, foreign visitors or non-professionals to enter the key areas are easy to misoperation caused by safety accidents.

3. Inspection difficulties and low quality

For each area of the plant, the traditional inspection method relies on the inspection card inspection, inspection process is easy to miss, wrong inspection, does not have information technology, standardised inspection, inspection process is difficult to supervise, inspection results are prone to deviation.

4. Independent systems, the formation of information islands

Various types of supervision, monitoring systems are relatively independent, such as video surveillance systems, visitor systems, OA systems, access control systems, etc., the formation of silos of information, can not provide managers at all levels with an emergency management platform and comprehensive decision-making support, management inefficiency.


With the core objective of sewage treatment safety prevention and control management, Woxu combines the internal structure and demand of sewage treatment plant, efficiently builds the closed-loop safety management system of "preventable and controllable", applies UWB high-precision real-time positioning technology, and fully deploys UWB positioning anchors in the areas of equipment tool room, grating room, grit removing room, secondary sedimentation tank, and other process sections.

UWB positioning anchors are fully deployed in the areas of equipment tool room, grating room, desanding room, secondary sedimentation tank and other process sections, and UWB positioning tags are equipped for operators, inspectors, visitors and management personnel to accurately locate the real-time position of personnel in the plant. Combined with the WPAS application management platform, it creates a safe production information system centred on "safe operation and maintenance, intelligent management of the whole process", integrating the management of personnel on duty and in position and the management of the whole process of sewage treatment, and provides a strong scientific and technological guarantee for the safe operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plants.

Application Functions

1. Real-time personnel positioning management

The platform can dock the fine position UWB positioning system according to the personnel code, personnel information and other fields, spatial search and positioning of the personnel in the plant, dynamic observation of the personnel's position, and generate personnel movement trajectory.

2.Electronic fence supervision of key areas

Electronic fence can be freely drawn in key areas, and set the entry and exit alarm rules, effective time and associated labels to achieve the management of access rights to the area.

3.Intelligent custom inspection

Optimise the traditional inspection method, according to the inspection requirements of the equipment, customise the planning of inspection points and inspection routes, set the inspectors and cycles, and formulate inspection tasks to meet the inspection needs of water purification plants in an all-round way.

4.Security Alarm

Personnel wearing a smart watch real-time collection of vital signs data (heart rate, blood oxygen, pedometer, fall), personnel in distress, you can watch the SOS button a key to call for help, always protect the personal safety of employees.

5.One-key evacuation

Through the real-time location page, manually delineate the evacuation area, after entering the evacuation information, the system will send evacuation reminder to the area label, and the personnel can be alerted through the text, vibration and beeping of the watch interface.

6.3D Visualisation

Using 3D visualisation technology, the location information of personnel and equipment is presented in 3D scene in real time. Through the cockpit, you can grasp the real-time data dynamics from multiple perspectives and in an all-round way. Intuitively find, analyse and warn the hidden problems in the data to achieve visual management.

7. Information interconnection

The personnel positioning management system is linked with various sub-systems to achieve information interconnection and resource sharing, and through the group management mode to achieve comprehensive supervision of the group and independent operation and maintenance of sub-factories to achieve refined management.

Final Summary

Woxu applies UWB high-precision positioning technology, industrial Internet of Things, safety platform and other scientific and technological means to the daily operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plant, guarding the front line of sewage treatment water purification, which not only maintains the personal safety of the workers, but also ensures the safe production of the sewage treatment plant and high-quality water supply, and realises the visual and intelligent management of the sewage treatment plant.