UWB Technology Enables Safe and Efficient Travelling Solutions for Travelling Cranes / Overhead Cranes

Warehousing and logistics is an important and indispensable field in the modern economy, which not only involves the storage, management and distribution of commodities, but also involves a series of links such as warehousing, discharging, loading and unloading, and transporting of goods. In these links, the travelling crane as an important tool and equipment, plays a pivotal role.

The application of travelling crane in warehousing logistics can greatly improve the operational efficiency and safety within the warehouse. The use of truck loading and unloading of goods, can avoid the manual operation of the cumbersome and time-consuming, but also to reduce the safety hazards brought about by manual misoperation.

However, any intelligent equipment is not open to human command. In the process of using the vehicle, in and out of the warehouse is still using manual paper registration, resulting in difficult to enter the warehouse, difficult to find materials, difficult to move the warehouse. Manual entry into the warehouse to find goods, easy to produce slip, pressure injury and other problems. At the same time, it is also easy to lose goods, collateralised goods are repeatedly collateralised or out of the warehouse to withdraw the situation.

The use of existing UWB technology to achieve a series of automation technology in the work of the car communication, cargo pallet number alignment, lifting action chain, computer management of the production process and ultimately to achieve the solution of a series of automation technology issues, the intelligent use of the car, warehousing and logistics industry safety production, are of great significance.


Woxu Wireless’s UWB warehousing logistics intelligent travelling crane application management solution, with the international advanced UWB wireless ranging technology as the core, the deployment of accurate ranging equipment in the travelling crane, to achieve the precise three-dimensional positioning of the travelling crane hooks, the average positioning accuracy of 30cm, through the large and small travelling crane and hooks and the top of the track ranging, generating (X, Y, Z) coordinates, and through the 485 to the network port module to the switch, and ultimately transmit the data to the travelling crane engine, the final data transmission to the production process, the safety of production. Eventually the data is transmitted to the travelling crane engine and platform.

Through the API interface, it outputs the warehouse position and coordinate information, and displays the trajectory of the travelling crane on the platform, so as to realise the automatic management of goods in, out and out of the warehouse, and improve the efficiency of warehousing. At the same time, real-time tracking of the location of the goods, to avoid the loss of goods caused by economic losses. Avoid personnel climbing up and down to look for goods, reduce the accidental casualties caused by personnel climbing and walking through the goods, and realise the intelligent supervision of warehousing, logistics and terminals.

Application Functions

1. Real-time positioning of vehicles

Realise real-time positioning management of vehicle operation, view the real-time position and operation status of the positioned vehicle, and master the vehicle dynamics anytime and anywhere, with an accuracy of up to 30cm.

2. History track query

The visual tracing of vehicle operation can be done by playing back the historical track, organically combining the spatial and temporal information with the operation content and video images.

3.Depot management

According to the warehouse area, set the virtual warehouse fence, the material placement area. The platform always records the location area information of each piece of goods, avoiding the difficulty of searching for goods due to excessive goods, and it is convenient to query the information of the material placement area.

4.3D Virtualised Inventory

Through a more intuitive management platform, to achieve three-dimensional virtual inventory, so that managers can clearly understand the inventory status.

5. Provide security for pledge finance of bulk goods

The platform system can always track the location information of each piece of goods, and when illegal operations are found, timely alarms are issued to avoid losses caused by the loss of goods, e.g., the pledged goods are mobilised to prompt an alarm, prompting the warehouse management personnel.

6. Optimise operation guidance

To achieve automatic warehousing of goods into the warehouse, move the warehouse, out of the warehouse management, to avoid inefficiency brought about by personnel statistics, error-prone, chaotic storage of goods drawbacks, improve the efficiency of warehouse management.

Final Summary

Through the accurate positioning of the travelling crane hook, binding the warehouse information platform, it realises the safety and intelligent supervision in the field of warehousing and logistics. Woxu has always insisted on creating the best value for users from the customer's point of view, from the two major fields of safety control and lean management, and helping the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises. In the field of warehousing, Woxu not only helps enterprises to realise safe and efficient supervision of travelling cranes, but also develops simple, convenient and easy-to-use anti-collision alarm lights for forklift handling. In the future, Woxu will spare no effort to provide the most professional service for customers, and strive to become the most trusted location service solution provider.