UWB forklift anti-collision alarm device UG-520

In recent years, whether it is a logistics transfer yard or a factory, there are frequent cross-operation of people and vehicles. The vehicle safety working environment is complex and the driver's sight distance is limited, which easily leads to fatigue, blind spot of view, reversing, turning and other vicious accidents such as cutting, collision, crushing and crashing, resulting in serious consequences such as safety accidents, product stoppage and compensation recovery.

Woxu UG-520 anti-collision alarm light is a forklift anti-collision alarm device based on UWB technology, which not only has the characteristics of high precision, low power consumption and 360°anti-collision warning without dead angle, but also can arbitrarily adjust the anti-collision range, ranging from one to eighty meters.

Based on centimeter-level high-precision distance measurement, to achieve early warning, warning area judgment, lighting integrated design to achieve warning. Support 30 levels of volume prompts and burst flash, rotation, strobe, constant light four kinds of light prompts mode. In addition, UG-520 also supports voice prompts, stores six voices by default, supports MP3 format voice customization, and personnel can adapt to various application scenarios according to application requirements.

UG-520 is designed based on outdoor application protection, with working temperature range of -20℃~65℃, which can be applied to safety management in various environments such as Industry 4.0, warehousing and logistics, port and dock.

Working mechanism

Install UG-520 anti-collision alarm light at forklift and blind corners, personnel wear UT-229 distance measuring tag, and set alarm distance, alarm voice prompt, alarm light volume and light mode through configuration tool.
Precise distance measurement between personnel and forklift, forklift and forklift is realized through unilateral distance measurement algorithm. When the driving distance between personnel and forklift, forklift and forklift is less than the set warning distance, the anti-collision alarm light will issue different alarm prompts according to the set warning distance of different levels to prevent accidents and help safe production and management.

1)Distance alarm mode
When the distance between personnel and vehicles reaches the warning distance, the shorter the distance, the sharper the sound and light alarm sound. The light can also be set according to the safety level requirements of different scenes such as burst flash, rotation, strobe, constant light and other states, so as to facilitate the staff to avoid danger and management personnel operation management.

2)Driver free alarm mode
In addition to the distance alarm mode can be set, you can also set the driver mode, do not have to worry about the driver into the forklift when the alarm produces unnecessary noise. The system has the alarm-free function. After setting the alarm-free distance, the alarm device will not issue an alarm when the driver and the forklift are at the alarm-free distance.

Application Scenarios

UG-520 can be used for anti-collision of personnel and forklift, anti-collision of forklift and forklift, anti-collision of blind corner.

Product specifications and parameters

Forklift anti-collision alarm light UG-520

UWB Personnel Distance Measuring Tag UT-229

Demo video