Smart Factory - Optimization of Positioning Processes for Yutong Vehicles in Production

Background of the Project

Yutong New Energy Bus Smart Manufacturing Project relies on advanced science and technology of automation and intelligence to take advantage of its strengths in automotive manufacturing, optimize resource allocation, improve production efficiency, capacity and manufacturing quality to meet the intelligent development of the enterprise. 

Through the introduction of UWB positioning system, information management services are strengthened to improve the controllability of production processes, reduce manual intervention in production lines, and rationalize planning and scheduling.

Solution Description

The UWB positioning management system of Woxu achieves the collection of vehicle location data, trajectory query of vehicle movement, statistics of the length of stay of vehicles at each work station, and unique ID management of vehicles through the accurate positioning of vehicles in the production area of Yutong Bus. 

This makes the data of Yutong Bus vehicles in the production and manufacturing process visible and traceable to improve production management efficiency.

When the vehicle enters the processing process, each vehicle frame will be bound with a Woxu unique ID object tag, which also contains the information of bound time and bound personnel. The operator scans the QR code on the tag for binding operation by PDA at the starting position of each section of the production line, and then scans and unbinds at the end of the production line to produce paperless work orders. 

Through real-time positioning of the location and trajectory of mobile vehicles on the production line, managers can view the vehicle information of each workstation on the production line through the background to facilitate timely tracking and finding the location of vehicles.

At the same time, by recording the time of vehicles entering and leaving the work station to determine the length of time vehicles stay at each work station, it provides powerful data support for work beat optimization.

Customer benefits

The use of Woxu UWB positioning management system put into Yutong vehicle production workshop realizes the precise refinement of time of the whole production process, significantly improves the automation and visualization management of the production process in Yutong factory, and improves the management efficiency of vehicle production and manufacturing.

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